Online assessment messages

Message What It Means
Student message:
Your assessment isn't ready.
The student selected the Star CBM tile before you were ready. Watch the prompts on the screen for when the student should log in and select Star CBM. The student can wait for the assessment to be ready, or the student can select Go Back if the assessment is not being started at this time.
Student message:
Tue maestro/a detuvo la prueba
The teacher may have canceled the assessment, or the teacher may have lost a connection or closed the browser. The student selects OK. The assessment will not be scored.
Teacher message about problems with the connection to the student device The student may have closed the browser or lost a connection. Select OK. You will need to restart the assessment.
Network Connection Blocked - The online format is unavailable due to a connectivity issue... As noted in the message, WebSockets is not allowed by your network. Talk to your school's network administrator to resolve the problem, or use the Mixed or Print assessment format instead.

An assessment was given under the wrong student's name

You can transfer the assessment score to the correct student as long as that student is in the same school and the assessment was taken this school year. See Transferring Star CBM Lectura assessments.

The form I see when scoring doesn't match the printed form

Each student is assigned a different assessment form. When you choose the Mixed or Print format, be sure to print and use the form(s) for each individual student's assessment or use the form ID shown for the assessment if you are using preprinted forms.

I need to remove an assessment

If you need to remove an assessment that you have printed materials for but have not administered, select the Enter Scores or In Progress message for that student on the CBM Spanish Assessments tab in the Star Record Book. Then, select Remove.

select Enter Scores, then Remove

select In Progress, then Remove

If you need to deactivate an assessment that has been scored, perhaps because something interfered with the student's ability to complete the assessment according to his or her ability, you can deactivate the assessment. Scores from deactivated assessments are not shown in the student's records. You can reactivate assessment scores that have been deactivated if necessary.

A student has an Incomplete Assessment message

This happens when the assessment was interrupted, perhaps because the teacher (and possibly the student) closed the browser before the assessment was finished. Since Star CBM Lectura assessments are brief, an incomplete assessment cannot be completed if it is interrupted without compromising its validity. Select the Incomplete Assessment message, then select Remove Incomplete Assessment. Then, administer a new assessment to the student.

example of an Incomplete Assessment

A student's score is very high

When you enter or edit scores, be sure that the time taken for the assessment is accurate. If you mistakenly enter a very short amount of time (such as 1 second), you will see abnormally high scores. This is because the software is extrapolating the number correct to what the student would have answered correctly in the allotted time. Incorrect times will lead to incorrect scores for students.

When recording audio during an Online assessment, I don't get the chance to test the student's microphone

The student's browser settings or operating system settings may not allow microphone access or audio recording. Check to see if a browser message has asked the student to give permission. If not, check the student's browser and operating system settings.

After a recorded assessment, a message tells me audio processing needs to finish before I can select Done

This ensures that audio for the assessment will be saved. Under the student's name, you will see a "Processing audio" message. Processing typically happens fairly quickly. When processing is done, you will see audio controls; at that point you can listen to the recording, and you can click Done to save the assessment results. Note: If audio processing takes longer than expected, a message will open that will give you the chance to save the assessment results without audio.

Can I completely remove student audio recordings?

Yes. When you have recorded audio for an assessment, the recording is available when you view assessment details. If you want to remove the audio, select trash icon next to the audio controls; then, select Delete Recording in the popup message. When you do this, the audio recording is completely removed from the software.

My students are seeing messages that say "Oops, we hit a snag"

If this happens frequently, please contact Support so they can troubleshoot the issue with you; you can use live chat at the top of the window in the software, call (800) 338-4204, or email