Editing Star CBM Lectura Assessment Scores

Follow these steps to edit the items marked correct or incorrect for an assessment, the time taken, whether the assessment was in person or remote, the language the student used, the last item answered, and the notes about the student's assessment. Only assessments taken in the current school year can be edited; you can't edit scores for assessments from previous school years. Note: If you edit the score of an assessment, and that score was used as the starting point for a goal, the goal's starting point will not change even though the assessment score has changed.

You can also edit assessment scores and information immediately after an assessment is finished. Select Edit after you choose the last item the student answered. Then, go to step 4 below.

Who can do this with the standard user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Dashboard Owners, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

  1. First, select Star CBM Lectura on the Renaissance Home page to open the Star Record Book and the CBM Spanish Assessments tab.
  2. Select the latest score for the student and assessment in the Record Book. In the popup window, select Details for the assessment that you want to edit. (If there is more than one assessment in the list, be sure to click the link for the correct assessment.)
  3. select a score in the Record Book, then select Details for the score that you want to edit

  4. The CBM Assessment Report will open. Select Edit Scores on the right side of the page.
  5. select Edit Scores

  6. You can change the time spent on the assessment, the in person vs. remote information, the notes, the items marked incorrect, and the last item answered:
    • To change the time spent on the assessment, click in the Time field at the top of the page and enter the correct number. Most assessments take the full 60 seconds (or 90 seconds for Nombrar colores rápidamente), but occasionally, students may answer all items before time runs out. Time must be accurate in order to calculate accurate student scores; very low times (such as 1 second) will cause very high scores since the software calculates how many items the student would have answered correctly in the full time allotted.
    • to change the time, click in the number of seconds and make your changes

    • To change whether the assessment was administered in person (with both the teacher and student in the same location) or remotely (with the teacher and student in different locations using an internet meeting), select the appropriate option under "Setting."
    • To change the language(s) that the student responded in (only Spanish, only English, or Both), choose one of the options under "Student responded."
    • To change the notes, click in the Notes field in the top right corner and edit the text as needed.
    • example of the notes field

    • To change whether an item is marked correct or incorrect, select it to toggle between the two. Items marked incorrect are shaded in red with a red X beneath them.
    • example of an incorrect item

    • To change the last item that the student answered, find the dotted line that separates attempted items from items not answered. To the right of that, you will see the words "Not Attempted." Select Change under "Not Attempted."
    • select Change to change the last item answered

      After you select Change, you will get the chance to select a new item as the last one attempted. Select the item. The last item attempted cannot be before any item that has been marked incorrect.

      select the last item attempted

  7. If the assessment has an audio recording, you can listen to the recording by selecting the play button in the audio controls (the appearance of the controls depends on your browser). If you no longer want to keep the recording, you can remove it by selecting the trash (trash) icon.
  8. example of recording controls

  9. Select Save at the top of the page to save your changes. You will go back to the CBM Spanish Assessments tab of the Star Record Book.
  10. select Save