Audio Settings in Web Browsers

In order for audio to be recorded during Star CBM Lectura assessments, browser settings must allow access to the microphone and permission to record. For Online assessments, the student's browser must allow audio recording; for Mixed-format assessments, the teacher's browser must allow it.

How you set up the web browser to allow recording depends on your browser and operating system. In many cases, the browser will ask for access to the microphone when Star CBM Lectura is about to begin recording the assessment; it may also ask you to select the microphone to use. If this does not happen, you may need to allow microphone access in the browser settings (perhaps in security settings or settings for specific websites). To set up your browser to allow access, see the help or documentation for the web browser that you are using. You may also need to check your operating system settings for the microphone. Note: If you are using Safari, version 14.02 or higher is required.

To find out which browsers are supported by Star CBM Lectura, see the Technical Recommendations.