Star CBM Screening Windows and Benchmarks

In Star CBM, benchmarks show whether students are performing as expected on the measure for the grade level and season. Seasons include Fall, Winter, and Spring:

Season Timeframe
Fall Either the school year start date or August 1 (whichever is earlier) through November 30
Winter December 1 through March 31
Spring April 1 through the end of the school year (or July 31)

Benchmarks are available for the measures recommended for each grade and season; see the table below. Note: Star CBM benchmarks cannot be changed.

A student's screening assessment is the first assessment taken in the season for the recommended screening measure.

Grade Reading Measures That Have Benchmarks Math Measures That Have Benchmarks
Kindergarten Letter Sounds*
Phoneme Segmentation
Letter Naming
Receptive Nonsense Words
Numeral Recognition*
Quantity Comparison
Grade 1 Letter Sounds (Fall only)
Expressive Nonsense Words
Phoneme Segmentation
Passage Oral Reading (Grade 1)*
Numeral Recognition (Fall only)
Quantity Comparison*
Addition to 10
Grade 2 Expressive Nonsense Words
Passage Oral Reading (Grade 2)*
Addition to 10
Addition to 20*
Subtraction from 10
Grade 3 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 3)* Subtraction from 10
Mixed Addition and Subtraction*
Multiplication to 100
Grade 4 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 4)* N/A
Grade 5 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 5)* N/A
Grade 6 Passage Oral Reading (Grade 6)* N/A

* Recommended screening measure for the grade and subject. For Passage Oral Reading, only passages at the student's grade have benchmarks.

On the CBM English Assessments tab in the Star Record Book, when benchmarks are available for a student's score, the background color shows which benchmark category the score falls into.

green square Green: At/Above Benchmark

blue square Blue: On Watch

red square Red: Intervention

example of scores in the benchmark colors

Note: For Rapid Automatic Naming assessments, there are two benchmark categories: At/Above Benchmark (green) and At Risk (red).

For measures that don't have norms and benchmarks for the student's grade and season, scores are shown on a gray background. If you see a green check mark next to the score, that score would fall within the At/Above Benchmark category in the nearest grade and season where benchmarks exist for the measure. (For Passage Oral Reading, when the student is assessed at another grade level, the benchmarks for the passage's grade level and the nearest season to the student's grade are used for the check mark.)

example of a score with a check mark

See Star CBM Score and Benchmark Tables to get detailed information about:

  • which Correct Per Minute (CPM) scores and Percentile Rank (PR) scores are in each benchmark category for each grade and season with benchmarks
  • how Percentile Rank (PR) scores relate to CPM scores for each grade and season with benchmarks

Once the first assessment has been scored, at the top of the CBM English Assessments tab on the Star Record Book page, you will also see the Star CBM Reading or Star CBM Math status bar. This bar shows you the latest assessment results for the selected subject based on each student's last assessment (even if the students weren't assessed on the same measure). The bars indicate how many students tested in the Intervention, On Watch, or At Above Benchmark categories in their last assessment. The gray portion of the bar shows you how many students took assessments that don't have a benchmark for their grade level. The white portion with the dashed line shows how many students haven't taken any assessments. If you move the cursor over the bar, you will see how many students are in each category.

example of the Star CBM Reading status bar

Rapid Automatic Naming assessments are not included in the status bar.

You will also see the latest assessment results for other Star assessments that your students took for the selected subject (reading or math). Each bar includes only students' most recent Star Reading or Math assessments for English and for Spanish, so if a student has taken both Star Reading and Star Early Literacy assessments in one language, only the most recent test will be included in the status bars.

Each status bar will show you the proportion of students who have scored in each benchmark category for that assessment, and if you move the mouse over the bar, you will see how many students are in each category. Students whose tests have no benchmarks (Star Math Algebra and Geometry tests) will be shown in gray. The white area surrounded by the dashed bar shows how many students either haven't taken the assessment or have a different, more recent Star assessment for the same subject and language.

example of the Star Math status bar