Reporting on In Person vs. Remote Assessments

As you finish scoring after you administer an assessment, you choose whether the assessment was administered

  • in person (with both the student and teacher in the same location, presumably at school), or
  • remotely using the web.

This choice is available no matter which assessment format you choose (Online, Mixed, or Print).

If your school or district requires you to report this information, use the "Download Data" option on the Star Record Book CBM Assessments tab, the Student Details page, or the Measure Chart to export data to a .csv file. (See Exporting Star CBM Assessment Scores for detailed instructions.)

The .csv file that you download can be opened in a spreadsheet program, and the last column is "Tested at School." In this column, you'll see "Yes" for assessments that were given in person and "No" for those that were administered remotely.

For some older assessments from the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, information on remote administration may not be available. For those assessments, you will see "Unknown" in the "Tested at School" column.