Recommended Skills

Once you have administered Star CBM assessments to your students, you can see recommended skills for those students. For Star CBM, recommended skills are based on the measure, not the students' scores; all skills related to that measure are recommended. Working on these skills may help students whose Star CBM scores on the measure are in the On Watch or Intervention benchmark categories.

To view recommended skills, select the Latest Assessments tab in the Star Record Book and select View Recommended Skills.

on the Latest Assessments tab, select View Recommended Skills

In the window that opens to the right, select Star CBM Reading or Star CBM Math from the Assessment drop-down list. Then, select a measure from the Measure drop-down list (note that recommended skills are not available for Rapid Automatic Naming measures). You can then select which students to include based on student scores; students are included by default if they are in the On Watch or Intervention benchmark categories or if they have a score with no benchmarks (gray) that does not include a check mark. When you're done, select View Skills.

select View Skills

You will go to the Instructional Planning - Recommended Skills page. For more about using that page, see Star Record Book (Instructional Planning - Recommended Skills page.