Rate of Improvement (ROI)

For students with goals, Rate of Improvement (ROI) shows you how much the student's score has improved per week between the first assessment in the goal time period and subsequent assessments.

Where Can I See ROI?

In the Star Record Book, on the CBM English Assessments tab, select a student's name. On the Student Details page (the Star CBM English tab), you will see a graph and table for each of the student's current and past goals as shown below. (Graphs for past goals are hidden by default, but you can choose to view them.) Overall ROI for each goal is shown in the graph for the goal; the ROI for each test is shown in the goal table below the graph.

example of ROI shown above a goal graph and in a goal table

How Is ROI Calculated?

For each test taken after the initial test and during the goal time period, ROI is calculated this way:

(New score – starting score for the goal)

(number of days from starting score to new test) ÷ 7