Opening Star CBM

Star CBM has two tiles on the Home page: Star CBM Reading and Star CBM Math. Depending on your school or district's purchase, you may see one or both tiles. To start, select a Star CBM tile; then, select the option you prefer:

  • Record Book & Assessments: Select this when you want to administer assessments, set goals, and see student scores and progress.
  • Data Insights: Select this to see an overview of how many students have been screened, how many have completed a CBM assessment, how many are proficient, and how many have moved up to a higher benchmark category (by class, grade, school, or district).
  • Historical Extract: School-level administrators and district personnel have this option. Select it to go to the Export Student Data page, where you can generate a historical extract file that gives you Star CBM data in a comma separated value (.csv) file format. The historical extract gives you student scores and benchmark information for all Star CBM Reading or Math assessments taken in the selected school years. For more information, see the historical extract information in Exporting Student Data.
  • Resources: Select this to go to the Star CBM Resources, which include assessment administration instructions, family resources, and information about scores, benchmarks, and the development of the Star CBM assessments.

If you are a teacher and you don't see a Star CBM tile, ask your software administrator to make sure that Star CBM is one of the products assigned to your class. Students in your class should also see a Star CBM tile once Star CBM has been assigned; if they don't, make sure the students are assigned to your class, and contact your software administrator if they are not.