Online Assessments

The Online assessment format is available for all measures except for Phoneme Segmentation, which requires the student to listen to the teacher instead of looking at a form.

For Online assessments, both the student and the teacher use a computer or device. The student sees the form and answers questions aloud (except for Receptive Nonsense Words assessments, in which the student selects an answer using a mouse or touchscreen). The teacher sees instructions in addition to the form, and the teacher can start a timer, highlight rows for the student, mark incorrect answers, mark the last item attempted, and enter notes. The Online format allows you to do remote administration; for more information, see Administering Star CBM Remotely and the related Family Guide.

It's a good idea to read through the instructions for the assessment on the screen before you begin the assessment for the student so that you don't need to do so at the beginning of the assessment. These include some instructions that you will read aloud to the student. Once you begin the assessment, you will no longer see the instructions.

Follow the steps below to administer an online assessment:

  1. If the cell for a student and measure has three dots and no score, this is the student's first assessment on the measure in this school year. Select the cell; then, select Start or Print Assessment.
  2. If the cell already shows a score, when you select the cell, you will see the student's past scores from this school year. Select Start or Print Assessment in the popup window.

    For Rapid Color Naming and Rapid Picture Naming, select Rapid Automatic Naming above the Record Book table; then, select the cell for the student and measure as described above.

  3. The next page lets you choose the assessment format: Online, Mixed Format, or Print. Select Online. (Online is not available for Phoneme Segmentation.)
  4. If you are administering a Passage Oral Reading assessment, check the grade level of the passage selected in the Passage Level drop-down list. If you need to assess the student on a different grade level, use the drop-down list to change it. (Benchmarks are only available for the student's designated grade level.)

  5. Ask your student to log in to Renaissance software, or help the student if necessary. Go to your Renaissance site address and select I'm a Student. Then, enter the student's user name and password and select Log In. (For more information, see Logging In.)
  6. To find your students' user names and passwords, see User Names and Passwords.

  7. Select Begin Assessment.
  8. Ask the student to select Star CBM.
  9. The student will see "Get ready!"

    Note: If the student selects Star CBM before you select Begin Assessment, the student will see a message explaining that the teacher hasn't started a test yet. The student can select < Go Back or simply wait for you to begin the assessment.

  10. If you are not administering Receptive Nonsense Words, Rapid Color Naming, or Rapid Picture Naming assessments, go to step 7.
  11. For Receptive Nonsense Words, Rapid Color Naming, and Rapid Picture Naming only, the assessment includes practice before the actual assessment. Read the instructions, then select Begin Practice.

    Ask the student the practice item(s). For Receptive Nonsense Words, students must click the picture to answer your question. When the student has done so, you will see the correct picture outlined. (If you prefer, you can continue without having the student select the picture, or you can select the answer for the student.)

    If the student has finished the practice successfully, select Continue to Full Assessment. (If you want to cancel instead, select Cancel Assessment in the top left corner.) When you continue, the student will see a "keep going" message.

  12. Read the instructions for the assessment. Often there are instructions to read aloud to the student before the assessment. The instructions also include tips on how to prompt the student if necessary and when to mark items incorrect. When you're ready to continue, select Begin.
  13. After a 3-second countdown, the assessment will begin, and the timer at the top of the page will begin counting down.
  14. Move your mouse cursor over the row that you want the student to focus on to highlight that row. The student can see your highlighting, but not items that you mark incorrect. Continue to move the mouse as your student moves to the next row of items. (You may need to help the student scroll down if the student answers many questions and needs to see later rows.)

    For most assessments, when the student answers an item incorrectly, click that item. The item will be shaded in red and will have a red X under it.

    For Receptive Nonsense Words, the student may select the answer as you ask each question; you may also have the student answer verbally while you select the answers for the student. (Students see only the possible answers, not the questions.) If the student selects the answers, you will see them on your screen, and answers will automatically be marked correct (green) or incorrect (red). Continue to move your mouse to highlight the row that the student should be focused on.

    If you need to pause briefly for any reason during the test, select Pause next to the timer or press the space bar.

    If you need to stop the assessment, select Cancel Assessment under the student name and measure name in the top left corner of the page.

    Have the student continue to answer the items until the time runs out. 5 seconds before time runs out, the time will turn red and a red border will flash around it. (If the student finishes all items before the time runs out, select Finish when the student is done.)

  15. When time runs out, you'll hear a bell. After this, for most measures, you will be asked to click the last item the student attempted. Click on the item. Note: This is not necessary for Receptive Nonsense Words - the software notes the last item the student answered.
  16. The student will see a "You did it!" message. The student selects Finish to close the message. The student will be logged out of the software.

  17. After you select the last item, you will see the assessment details, including the items you marked incorrect. If you want to change the items marked incorrect, select Edit (see Editing Scores). You can also enter notes about the student's assessment session in the field to the right (error trends, observations, effort, etc.). When you have finished, select Done.
  18. You will go back to the CBM Assessments tab of the Star Record Book. At first, you will see "Score Pending" with a refresh icon where the student's score will be.
  19. After a few minutes, the score will be available. You can select to refresh the view to see if the score is available yet.

    When the score is available, you will see it in the Record Book.

    If you select the score, you can see the date the assessment was taken. The popup window shows you the scores and dates for the student's last four assessments for this measure during this school year. Select Details for an assessment to go back and see the items answered incorrectly, your notes, and the time taken for the assessment. Select the progress link at the bottom of the window to see a graph and table of all results for the student and measure in this school year.

Student Messages During Online Assessments

Message What It Means
Get ready! The student is waiting for the teacher to begin the assessment.
Great Job! Let's keep going... For Receptive Nonsense Words, Rapid Color Naming, or Rapid Picture Naming assessments, the student has finished the practice and is waiting for the actual assessment to begin.
You did it! The assessment has been successfully completed.
Your teacher stopped the test. The teacher either canceled the assessment or closed the browser window during the assessment.
Your test isn't ready yet. The student selected Star CBM before the teacher was ready to administer it. The student can wait for the assessment to be ready, or the student can select Go Back if the assessment is not being started at this time.

If you see a message during the assessment saying that something went wrong with the connection to the student's device, the student may have closed the browser or lost a connection. Select OK. You will need to restart the assessment.