How to Administer Star CBM Assessments

For most measures, there are three ways to administer assessments to students:

  • Online: Both the student and the teacher use computers or tablets. The student sees the form and answers questions aloud (except for Receptive Nonsense Words assessments, in which the student selects an answer). The teacher sees instructions in addition to the form, and the teacher can start a timer, highlight rows for the student, mark incorrect answers, mark the last item attempted, and enter notes. Note: Teachers and students can be in different locations (remote administration) as long as they can communicate with video and audio; see Administering Star CBM Remotely and the related Family Guide.
  • Mixed: The teacher is at the computer. Teachers see the form on their computer and have the same scoring options that they have in the Online format. The student, however, uses a paper form that the teacher has printed. Note that each student is assigned a different form - be sure to print and use the selected student's form.
  • Print: Both the teacher and the student are using printed forms. The teacher can mark incorrect answers, mark the last item attempted, and write notes on the teacher form. The student uses the form to answer questions. After the assessment, the teacher enters scores in the software. Since each student is assigned a different form, be sure to print and use the teacher and student forms for each individual student's assignment.

For Phoneme Segmentation, there is no form for the student. For that reason, only the Mixed or Print formats are available for Phoneme Segmentation, and only the teacher has a form.

Click these links to find out how to administer an assessment using each format:

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