Deactivating (and Reactivating) Star CBM Assessments

Follow the steps below if you need to deactivate a student's assessment from the current school year. (You can't deactivate assessments from previous school years or assessments for measures being Field Tested.) Deactivated assessments can be reactivated later if necessary as described below the steps; you can also assess the student on the measure again.

Who can do this with the standard user permissions?

District Level Administrators, School Level Administrators, Teachers

  1. First, select Star CBM Reading or Star CBM Math on the Renaissance Home page to open the Record Book and the CBM English Assessments tab.
  2. Select the student's name.
  3. select the student's name

  4. On the Student Details page, the Star CBM English tab will be selected, and you'll see one or more tables listing the assessments that the student has taken. Find the assessment that you want to deactivate in the table(s); then, in the Actions column for that assessment, select arrow pointing down next to "View Details"; then, select Deactivate.
  5. in the Actions column and the row for an assessment, select the down arrow, then Deactivate

    If you deactivate an assessment whose score was used as the starting point for a goal, the goal's starting point is not affected, but the assessment will not be shown on the goal chart.

  6. A window will open to confirm the details for the assessment. Make sure you are deactivating the correct assessment. To continue, select Deactivate Assessment. (If you don't want to continue, select Cancel instead.)
  7. select Deactivate Assessment in the popup message

  8. In the Actions column for the assessment, you will see a "Deactivating" message and a refresh icon. To see an update on deactivation progress, refresh the page (you can select the icon next to "Deactivating" to do that). When the deactivation is complete, you'll see "Deactivated" instead of the score on the Student Details page, and the score will be removed from the class Star Record Book tabs.
  9. example of the Deactivating message

Reactivating Assessments

You can reactivate an assessment that has been deactivated. Simply go back to the Student Details page by following steps 1 and 2 above. The deactivated assessment will be listed, with a "Reactivate" option in the Actions column. Click Reactivate.

to reactivate, select Reactivate in the Actions column and the row for the assessment

A message will remind you that the reactivated score will be included in all future reporting. If you want to continue, select Reactivate Assessment. (If not, select Cancel.)

select Reactivate Assessment in the popup message

You will see a "Reactivating" message in the Actions column and a refresh icon. To see an update on reactivation progress, refresh the page (you can select the icon next to "Reactivating" to do that). When Star CBM has finished reactivating your assessment, you will see the score and assessment options on the Student Details page as before, and the score will be included elsewhere as well (such as in the class view and the Measure Chart).