Viewing Assessment Details (CBM Assessment Report)

How to Get to This Page

In the Star Record Book, with the CBM English Assessments tab selected, select one student's latest score for a measure. Then, in the popup window, select Details for the assessment that you want to view.

select a score; then, select Details after a score in the popup window

If you are on the Student Details page, you can also select View Details in the row for a student's assessment.

select View Details in the row for an assessment on the Student Details page

You can also select the View link for an assessment when you view the Measure Chart.

Viewing the Detailed Assessment Results

This page shows you detailed information about a student's assessment.

example of the CBM Assessment Report

On this page, you can do the following:

  • See the student's results. You will see the student's score (CPM or Correct Per Minute for most assessments, or percent correct for Encoding Field Test assessments); you will also see the items that were marked incorrect. Note that Correct Per Minute scores are adjusted (equated) based on variations in difficulty among forms and time taken (if less time is taken than allowed). Note: For Passage Oral Reading, just above the score you will see the grade level of the passage you administered.
  • See your notes. See the notes that you entered when you scored the assessment.
  • Replay audio recordings. If you chose to record the assessment, click the play button to listen to the recording. Use the volume control if you need to adjust the volume. (The audio options will vary depending on your browser.) You can also delete the recording by selecting the trash icon (trash icon). Note: Deleted recordings can't be recovered; if you select the icon, you'll be asked to decide whether to continue to delete the recording or to keep it.
  • example of the recording controls

  • Edit the student's score. Select Edit Scores to rescore the assessment (available for assessments taken in this school year only). You can change the items that are marked correct or incorrect and any notes you have entered. When you are done, select Save.
  • select Edit Scores if you need to rescore or change notes

  • Switch to another student or measure. Use the drop-down lists at the top of the page to change the class, student, and/or assessment that you are viewing results for. (If you have access to more than one school, you will also see a School drop-down list.) If the selected student has taken Star CBM Lectura assessments, you will see those measures in the drop-down list as well.
  • use the drop-down lists to change the subject, student, or assessment

To go back to the previous page, select < Back to Class View or < Back to Student View at the top of the page.

If you need to deactivate the assessment, you can do that on the Student Details page. See Deactivating (and Reactivating) Star CBM assessments.

Printing or Saving the Assessment Results

To open a file (PDF) of the CBM Assessment Report, or to print it, select Print or Save under the table. Then, using your browser's print options, choose whether to save to a file (PDF) or to select a printer and print a paper copy. In the PDF or printed copy, some items are omitted that are part of the user interface and not the CBM Assessment Report itself. Note: Although the line showing which items were not attempted is included in the PDF or printed copy, the words "Not Attempted" are not; use the line and the lighter text to identify the items that the student did not answer.

select Print or Save under the form