User Permissions Table

A person's permission group determines what user permissions that person has in Renaissance. Some user permissions are granted by default, while others are not.

District level administrators can change these permissions, giving them to permission groups or individuals that normally would not have them, or taking them away from permission groups or individuals that normally do have them. The table below shows the default settings for all user permissions in Renaissance, cross-referenced with the different permission groups.

  = permission group gets user permission by default

  = permission group does not get user permission by default, but settings can be changed to give it to the permission group (or to individuals in the permission group)

User Permission Permission Group
District Level Administrator District Dashboard Owner District Staff School Level Administrator School Staff Teacher
District & Schools
Edit District Details
View Schools
Edit School Details
School Calendar
Manage School Years
Manage Marking Periods and Days Off
Manage Screening Windows
School and Class Enrollment
View Courses and Classes
Manage Courses and Classes
District-Level View of Student and Personnel Information for ALL Schools
View Personnel
Manage Personnel
View Students
Manage Students
Student Import
Merge Students
Password Management
Personnel Password Management
View Student Password Report
Edit Multiple Student Passwords
Product Administration
View Product Setup
Edit Product Setup
View Home Connect Reports
Manage Home Connect Availability
Edit District Preferences
Edit School Preferences
Edit Classroom Preferences
Content Management
View Content
Create Content
Manage Content
Share Created Content School-wide
Share Created Content District-wide
Classroom Activities, Goals, and RTI
View Student's Historical Assignments
Deactivate Star Adaptive Assessments
Manage Other Star Assessments
View Classroom Activities
Manage Classroom Activities
School-Level Access
Edit School-Level Benchmarks
Edit District-Level Benchmarks
Data Analytics
Access to Renaissance Analytics*
Access to Schoolzilla
* Teachers cannot use Renaissance Analytics. Even if the user permission is given to them, teachers will not see the Renaissance Analytics tile on the Home page.
View District Reports and Dashboards
View School Reports and Dashboards
View Teacher Reports and Dashboards
View Parent Reports
Filter Reports by Ethnicity
Filter Reports by Characteristics
Export Student Data and Growth Extracts