Transferring Student Data from Site to Site

At times, you may need to transfer students' assessment and quiz data from one Renaissance site to another. For example:

  • A student may move into a different district that is also using Renaissance software, and that district may want the student's past records.
  • When the schools in a district have separate Renaissance sites, they may need to transfer data each year when an entire grade moves from one school to the next (for example, from elementary school to middle school).
  • Note: When your schools are sharing the same Renaissance site and students move from school to school, you do not need to follow the steps below. Instead, simply edit the school enrollments for the students to move them to their new school with their previous data.

Transferring student data to your site is a three-step process:

  1. You request the student data from the administrator of the students' original Renaissance site.
  2. The administrator of that site finds the students, generates a transfer code, and sends that code back to you.
  3. You enter the code and import and enroll the students.

Students' Star assessments and Accelerated Reader Quizzes are transferred. The students and data also stay on the original site for reporting.

For important information on how students are matched when you transfer student data, see How Students Are Matched to Existing Students During Transfer below.

If the users and enrollments on your Renaissance site are brought over from your Student Information System, the student information and enrollments should still come from that source system. However, you can follow these steps to transfer the Renaissance data for the students. You may need to merge duplicate student records after following these steps.

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, School Level Administrators

How to get to the Transfer Student Records Page

First, follow these steps to go to the Transfer Student Records page:

  1. On the Home page, select your name in the upper-right corner. In the drop-down list, select Manage Apps & Users.
  2. On the next page, select Users.
  3. On the Users page, select Transfer Student Data. Note: If this link is not yet available to administrators on your site, the feature is coming soon.

Requesting Data from Another Site

  1. On the Transfer Student Data page, make sure the Import Student Data tab is selected.
  2. At the bottom of the page, you'll see three steps under "How do I request data from another site?" As step 1 mentions, you will need to find the contact information (especially the email address) for the school or district that the student(s) are transferring from.
  3. When you have the email address, select View and copy email template under number 2 at the bottom of the page. You will see sample email text for a request. You can copy this text and use it in the email that you will send to the administrator of the site that currently has the data. Select Copy to copy the text; then, paste the text into your email.
  4. This text gives the administrator of the other site the steps to follow to generate a transfer code for the data you are requesting. Since this sample may be either for a single student or an entire grade, and since you might request data from either a school or a district, you will need to change the text in red as needed. Be sure to include the specific student's name or the specific grade you are requesting.

    When the administrator has followed the steps below, they will receive a Transfer Code that they can send to you so that you can import the data.

How the Administrator of the Other Site Transfers Requested Data

  1. On the Transfer Student Data page, select the Transfer Student Data tab.
  2. Based on the request you received, choose whether you want to transfer data for an entire grade or an individual student.
  3. Follow the instructions for the choice you made in step 2:
    • If you chose "Whole Grade," use the drop-down lists to choose the school that you want to transfer data from. Then, select the grade. Go on to step 4.
    • If you chose "Individual Student," first, use the drop-down list to choose whether to search all students or to search in a specific school, grade, or class or those with a specific teacher. If you choose "School," "Grade," "Teacher," or "Class," use the second drop-down list to choose the school, grade, teacher, or class to search. (You can also type the name of the second item to find it more quickly.) Enter all or part of the student's name. Then, select Search.
    • In the search results, select the circle next to the specific student's name.

  4. At the bottom of the screen, a banner will open. Select Generate Transfer Code in the banner. (The example below shows an individual student result.)
  5. Select Copy in the message that opens to copy the code. You can then reply to the email request you received and paste the code into that email so that the other site can import data. Select OK to close the message.
  6. The administrator who requested the data can then follow the instructions below to import the data.

Importing the Data with the Transfer Code

Once you receive a transfer code from the administrator of the other Renaissance site, follow these steps to import the data for the student or grade:

  1. Go back to the Transfer Student Data page and the Import Student Data tab as described above.
  2. Copy and paste the code into the Enter Transfer Code field, or type the code. Then, select Import Student Data.
  3. A code cannot be used to transfer student data more than once. If the code has already been used, you may need to request student data again. You cannot use a code on the same site where the code was generated - in that case, the data is already on the site and doesn't need to be transferred.

  4. You will see the previous district and school for the student(s) whose data can be imported with this code. If this information is correct, select the Enroll students in drop-down list and choose the school that you would like to enroll the students into. Then, select Yes, Import this Data.
  5. If this is not the correct data, select No, Don't Import instead.

  6. If you chose to import the data, you will see another message that tells you the data will be imported in the next 24 hours. Data is often imported sooner; check back later to see if the data is available.
  7. The message also reminds you what to do next:

    • If the student(s) have not been in your Renaissance data before, you will need to add the student(s) to their classes.
    • If the student(s) have already been on your site, you will need to merge the new student records with the existing student records on your site.

    Select OK to close the message.

How Students Are Matched to Existing Students During Transfer

When Students Are Matched

When a student being transferred shares a last name and student ID with an active existing student in the destination site, the transferred student will be matched to the existing student. This means the transferred student’s historical Star scores and Accelerated Reader Quiz scores will be added to the existing student’s history, and the transferred student will not be added to the site separately. This is to prevent duplicate students on your site.

When Students Are Not Matched

When a student being transferred shares a user name or student ID with an existing student in the destination site, but the transferred student does not have the same last name as the existing student, the students are not matched. Renaissance will assign a new user name and student ID to the incoming student. This is to ensure no two students share the same user name or student ID. The new user name and student ID will start with the student’s previous user name and student ID, but a hyphen and a number will be added (-#). To find the newly transferred student, on the Users page, search for the student’s old user name or student ID. If you need assistance, contact Renaissance Tech Support.

Improvements to the student transfer process are coming in the 2020-2021 school year.