Permission Groups

The user permissions a person has are usually based on that person's permission group in Renaissance. When a person is added to Renaissance, that person is placed in one of six permission groups:

  • District Level Administrator
  • District Dashboard Owner (Note: This is a permissions group created by Renaissance that focuses solely on reporting. See the table of user permissions to see which ones this permissions group has by default.)
  • District Staff
  • School Level Administrator
  • School Staff
  • Teacher

Beginning with the 2017–18 school year, a person can only be in one permission group, so take the time to evaluate which permission groups your personnel are in to make sure they have the necessary user permissions to do their jobs (and don't have any permissions they shouldn't have). If necessary, a district level administrator can make the following adjustments:

  • Edit the user permissions for an individual. This is the most granular type of customization, allowing you to choose exactly which tasks a person can and cannot do in Renaissance.
  • Edit the user permissions for a permission group. This is a broader brush: it gives/takes user permissions from everyone in a specific permission group.
  • Change a person's permission group. If someone needs user permissions that are more in line with a different permission group, consider changing that person's permission group.

    For example, imagine a person at your school who spends half the day teaching math classes (teacher) and the other half as an intervention specialist (school level administrator). Since there are no permissions that a teacher has that a school level administrator doesn't have, it might make sense to put this person in the school level administrator permission group (and then fine-tune any individual user permissions, if necessary).