Videos for New School Year Setup

The videos below will help you set up your Renaissance software for a new school year. For most tasks, you will need to be a district-level administrator. School-level administrators can perform some tasks.

Setting Up the School Year and Copying Previous Data

First, use the Set Up School Year / Copy Options tool to add your new school year and copy marking periods and classes as needed.


Checking Your School Year Dates

After copying, check the marking periods, days off, and Star screening windows and make changes as needed.


Using a Single-School Import to Update Students, Personnel, and Classes

Use the Single-School Import feature to update the students, teachers, and classes for the new school year.


Checking Your Students and Personnel

Check your students and personnel and make changes as needed.


Checking Your Classes

Check the classes in the new school year and update class details, teachers, and enrollment as needed.


Setting Up IP Restrictions for Student Work

Set or update IP restrictions to prevent student work outside of school.


After the New School Year Starts

For a few tasks, it's better to wait until the new school year has started. These are described below.

Updating School Enrollments

Move any students who are transferring from one school to another for the new school year.


Setting the Learning Standards

Set the Learning Standards that are used with Planner, Accelerated Reader 360, Star Custom, and Accelerated Math Instructional Practice.


Checking the Preferences

Check and change preferences as needed.


Review Star Benchmarks

Review the benchmarks used with your Star products and make changes as needed.