Logging In

  1. In your web browser, go to the URL (web address) for your Renaissance site.
  2. On the Renaissance start page, select I'm a Teacher/Administrator.
  3. The Renaissance ID is a unique identifier for your site. After it has been entered once on a machine, you will not be asked to enter it again. If you don't know your ID, contact your local Renaissance administrator or customer support to get it. If you ever need to change the Renaissance ID, select Change after the ID before you log in with a user name and password.
  4. Enter your user name and password.
  5. If you have forgotten your password, select Forgot password? below the Log In button. You can only use this feature if you have previously entered your email address on the Login Settings page and verified the address.

    Passwords are case-sensitive; user names are not case-sensitive. If your CAPS LOCK is engaged, symbols could be substituted for numbers, causing the software not to recognize the user name or password.

    If you see a message that your account is locked, ask your software administrator to unlock your account. Administrators can unlock one person's account by viewing the person's information and then selecting Unlock User or by unlocking all locked personnel accounts on the site. Locked personnel accounts also unlock automatically after 30 minutes.

  6. Select Log In.
  7. You will go to the Home page.
  8. If you go to the Login Settings page instead, the software or your administrator is requiring you to reset your password. Enter a new password and type it again to verify it. (You should also enter your email address if you have not already done so. These are used to verify your identity if you forget your password.) Then, select Save.

    Passwords expire after one year; if you are asked to change your password and your administrator did not require this, your password has probably expired.

Students follow these steps to log in.

Note: To see student user names and passwords, on the Home page, select Manage Apps & Users. Select Users and then, on the Students tab, select Password Report. Use the drop-down lists to choose the class(es) you want to see and how students are grouped. The students will be listed with their user names and passwords.

  1. Start your web browser and go to the web address provided by your school or district.
  2. Select I'm a Student on the Renaissance start page.
  3. If you know your user name, enter it.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Make sure you have the correct password. Student accounts can be locked if you try to log in several times with the wrong password. Student accounts unlock automatically after 5 minutes. If you need to unlock accounts before then, see Unlocking Your Students, or view the student's information and select Unlock Student on the Details tab.

  6. Select Log In. You will go to the Home page, where you will see links for each product that your class is using.
  7. If you expect to see programs that are not listed, the school, district, or Renaissance administrator should make sure the student is enrolled in the correct class and that a lead teacher was selected for the class and products were selected.

    If some products are not shown and you see a message instead, the Renaissance administrator has decided to restrict which computers students can use to work in some Renaissance products.

    Students may be asked to change their passwords if the administrator chose to require this when adding or editing student information. To change the password, enter the new password twice in the appropriate blank fields and select Save.