Editing Personnel

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators

Note: School principals can only edit information for personnel assigned to their school.

  1. On the Home page, select your name in the upper-right corner. In the drop-down list, select Manage Apps & Users.

  2. Select Users.
  3. Select Personnel.
  4. On the Personnel tab, search for the name, user name, or ID of the person you want to edit.
    • To retrieve a list of all personnel, leave "All" selected, do not enter anything in the text field, and skip to step 5. (If you are a school administrator, this only finds personnel in your school.) Select Search.
    • Type the person's name, user name, or ID in the search field. You do not need to type the entire name; the software can perform partial matches based on what the name, user name, or ID starts with. If you include a space in what you're searching for, the software assumes you are looking for a first name and last name (such as "John Smith"). If you enter a last name first and then a first name, include a comma (such as "Smith, John"). This is especially helpful if you are using a last name that includes a space (for example, "Del Castillo, Miranda"). Type your search criteria, then select Search.
    • Use the drop-down list to choose School; then, select the school before searching.
  5. The personnel who matched your search will be listed. Select the person's name. (If the list is long, you may need to select the arrows above or below the search results to move forward and back through the list.)
  6. Select the Personnel Information and/or the Schools and Permission Group tabs to make the necessary changes.
  7. You can change this person's personal information on this tab. (If you are a school level administrator, the Save button will not appear if you are viewing information for a person who is not assigned to your school.)

    • Required information is marked with an asterisk (*).
    • You can press the Tab key to move from one field to the next.
    • First and last names are limited to 35 characters.
    • The user name and password cannot be the same. If you change the user name and password, be sure to give them to the person so that he or she can log in.
    • Note that the position you select for this person will determine which program features this person can use (user permissions). If the person is assigned to more than one location, the position will be changed for both locations.

    • For the password, you will see dots instead of the characters you enter. (The number of dots doesn't necessarily represent the number of characters in the password.)
    • If you want to require this person to change his or her password the next time he or she logs in, check the User must change password at next login box. Passwords expire after one year; even if you do not require a password change, users will be asked to change the password after one year.

    District and School Level Administrators with the default user permissions can select the Schools and Permissions Group tab to change this person's user permission group and school assignments.

    User permissions give each user the right to perform specific tasks in the software. If you want to change the user's permission group, select the new group; for more information about the groups and user permissions, see Viewing and Editing User Permissions. Note: School personnel can only view or change the user permission group for personnel assigned to their schools.

    Under School Assignments, you'll see a list of the schools that this user is assigned to. If you are a district administrator or district staff member, you can change the assigned schools by selecting Edit School(s). Note: School administrators cannot change school assignments.

  8. To save your changes and exit this page, select Save.
  9. To exit this page without saving your changes, select Cancel.