Deleting an Individual Student

Who can do this with default user permissions?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators

If you are a school level administrator, you can only delete students who are enrolled in your school.

These steps cover deleting one student, but you can delete multiple student records if you have multiple students to delete.

  1. On the Home page, select your name in the upper-right corner. In the drop-down list, select Manage Apps & Users.

  2. Select Users.
  3. If necessary, select the drop-down list and choose whether to search all students or only those in a specific school, grade, or class or those with a specific teacher. (The options that are available depend on your role in the software.)

    To find a specific student, enter the student's name, ID, and/or user name. You do not need to enter the entire name or ID; the software can find partial matches based on what the name, user name, or ID starts with. If you include a space in what you're searching for, the software assumes you are looking for a first name and last name (such as "John Smith"). If you enter a last name first and then a first name, include a comma (such as "Smith, John"). This is especially helpful if you are using a last name that includes a space (for example, "Del Castillo, Miranda"). If you want to see the student's class enrollment information in the results, check Include class enrollments below the search options. Select Search.

  4. The students who matched your search will be listed. Select the name of the student you want to delete. (If the list is long, you may need to select the arrows under the search results to move forward and back through the list.)
  5. You will go to the Student Information page and the Details tab. Select Delete Student.
  6. select Delete Student to the right of the tabs

  7. The Delete Student page will ask if you are sure that you want to delete the student.
  8. Select Yes to continue or No if you decide not to delete the student.

    the delete student message

  9. The page will then notify you that the student has been deleted. Select Done.
  10. You can recover students that have been deleted by recovering student records.