Classes not Set Up

When you view the classes in a course, you will see tabs for Classes and Classes Not Set Up.

Classes have a lead teacher, products assigned, and students enrolled. Students in these classes can work in the products that you have chosen.

Classes not set up are missing the lead teacher, products, or students, so they are not ready to use the software. On the Classes not set up tab, you will see - None - for the missing information in the table (as you do for Students in the example above).

  1. Select the class name to edit the class and add the missing information:
    • Missing a lead teacher: On the Edit Class Details page, select a Add/Remove Teachers. Search for, select by checking the box next to the teacher you need, select + Assign Teachers above the results table. Make sure the Lead is selected for a teacher (if you have more than one), then select Done. Lastly, on the Edit Class Details page, select Save.
    • Missing products: Select the products on the Edit Class Details page, and select Save.
    • Missing students: On the Edit Class Details page, select Add/Remove Students. Search for the students, check the box for each student, select + Enroll Students, then at the end of the page select Done. Then on the Edit Class Details page select Save.
  2. On the View Course page, your class should now be listed on the Classes tab.