Classes not Set Up

When you view classes and courses, you can use the toggle to choose whether to see only classes that aren't yet set up in the list.

Classes that aren't set up are classes that don't have teachers, students, and/or assigned products. Without this information, those classes can't use Renaissance software (such as Star Reading or Accelerated Reader).

To finish setting up a class, first, find the class on the Classes & Courses page (remember to turn on the toggle as described above).

If the class is missing products, check the class in the search results. Then, in the banner that opens at the bottom of the page, select Assign Products. In the window that opens, check the products that you want to assign and select Assign Products.

If the class is missing a teacher or students, select the class name on the Classes & Courses page. Then, do one of the following:

  • Missing a teacher: On the Edit Class Details page, select a Add/Remove Teachers. Search for a teacher, check the box next to the teacher you need to assign, and select + Assign Teachers above the results table. Make sure the Lead is selected for a teacher (if you have more than one), then select Done. Then, on the Edit Class Details page, select Save.
  • Missing students: On the Edit Class Details page, select Add/Remove Students. Search for the students, check the box for each student, select + Enroll Students, then at the end of the page select Done. Then on the Edit Class Details page select Save.

On the Classes and Courses page, your class should now show that all information is available for the class.