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How do I get to this page?

  1. On the Renaissance Welcome page, select Check Software Requirements.

A successful Renaissance implementation requires compliance with the recommendations on this page.

Supported Web Browsers


  • Internet Explorer 10.x–11.x (Internet Explorer 10.x and 11.x are supported when launched in Desktop mode on Windows 8.x and 10. Internet Explorer in the Windows 8.x UI and the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 are not supported.)
  • Firefox – five most recent versions
  • Chrome – five most recent versions


  • Safari 7 and later
  • Firefox – five most recent versions
  • Chrome – five most recent versions

Screen Resolution

1024 × 768 or higher

Internet Connection

Broadband internet connection (DSL, satellite, or cable). Verify you have adequate bandwidth to support application task usage estimates. See Knowledge Base article #13002501 for more information.

Mobile Devices

  • Tablets – Accelerated Math, Accelerated Math 2.0, Accelerated Reader, MathFacts in a Flash, and Star student applications are supported using a web browser on tablets 7 inches or larger. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 11, the five most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome, Safari 7 and later, and Silk on Kindle Fire HD. Note: Students should use Firefox when testing in Star Early Literacy on Android devices. First-generation iPads are not supported and devices running versions of Android older than 4.1 (pre-Jelly Bean) are not supported. Tablets with resolutions below 2,048 × 1,536 may require students to scroll to see the entire interface. Performance may be degraded on single-core processor devices.
  • Chromebooks – Renaissance products are compatible with Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices, with the exception of the AccelScan Scanning Software.

Additional Client Requirements and Recommendations

  • If using a firewall, proxy, and/or content filter, some changes may need to be made for Renaissance applications to function properly.
    • Allow access to Renaissance resources to be sure the software functions as designed. Add an exception within your firewall, proxy, or content filtering software to allow inbound and outbound HTTP and HTTPS communication with the * domain as well as access to and from * and *
    • Allow inbound and outbound HTTP and HTTPS communication access to (hosted by Google) and (hosted by Microsoft). Certain Renaissance features access JavaScript libraries from these content delivery networks; you must allow access to the sites so the software functions as designed.
    • Users may experience errors in the software if the proxy server caches Renaissance web pages. You may want to configure your network so that users bypass the proxy server entirely when accessing Renaissance.
    • Star Early Literacy and Star Math with Audio support require students to download MP3 files from Renaissance. Star Early Literacy also accesses MP4 files. If you use content filtering be sure to allow this type of activity.
  • Browser cookies must be enabled in order to log in to Renaissance as a student or personnel user. Refer to our Privacy Policy for complete details.
  • ActiveX controls and plug-ins need to be enabled if using Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • Depending on which Renaissance applications/features will be used, there are a number of client applications/plugins that are required, including Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player. The AccelScan Scanning Software is required if scoring Accelerated Math or Accelerated Math 2.0 paper assignments using a scanner. All client applications/plugins should be installed as a local administrator to the workstation. Access this knowledge base article to view a chart showing the client applications/plugins and where they are used in the software. Scanner warranty information can be viewed online in the AccelScan User’s Guide.
  • Accelerated Reader Recorded Voice Quizzes, English in a Flash, Star Early Literacy, and Star Math with Audio support: Sound card and headphones or speakers.
  • Accelerated Math or Accelerated Math 2.0 (paper assignments only): A 6ppm or higher laser printer is required. Paper assignments may be scored in a browser or with an AccelScan mark reader.

As technology advances it becomes necessary for software companies to discontinue support for older operating systems and browsers. Although Renaissance will not discontinue support for older products immediately, we will continue to evaluate system requirements and do our best to provide advance notice when it becomes necessary to raise our requirements. It is the responsibility of customers to keep their computers, networks, operating systems, and third- party software up-to-date and functional. We will do our best to support new technologies as they become available but cannot recommend them until they are properly vetted and proven compatible.

If you have any technical questions about Renaissance, call: (800) 338-4204.