Manage Apps & Users page

The Manage Apps & Users page is the starting point for managing Renaissance program functions.

How do I get to this page?

  1. On the Home page, select your name in the upper-right corner. In the drop-down list, select Manage Apps & Users.

What tasks can I start from this page?

The management tasks fall into the following categories. Note: The management tasks you can perform will vary based on your permission group—if you do not have permission to perform a task, you will not see the link for it on this page. District Level Administrators can edit the permissions for these groups; they can also edit permissions for individuals.

  • Users: This is where you can add, edit, delete, and otherwise manage personnel and student information.
  • Classes & Courses: Here, you create classes and courses, assign products to classes, and assign personnel and enroll students in the classes.
  • District & Schools: This is where you set up information for the entire school district and for each school within the district.
  • School Calendar: The calendar lets you set up school years, marking periods, and holidays/days off. These dates will be taken into consideration when teachers schedule assignments or assessments in one of the Renaissance programs.
  • Product Administration: This is where access and security settings for Renaissance are set. Here, you can also view program subscriptions (and student capacity).

If your Renaissance site has been integrated with your Student Information System, some tasks on this and other pages may be deactivated because those actions should be done in the Student Information system.

Clever (District Administrators Only)

If your Renaissance site has been set up for Clever integration, in the top right section of the page, you will see the status of that integration. Clever integration is currently available to districts that have all schools on one Renaissance site, whose Renaissance schools are all active in their Clever district, and who are not currently using a Growth Alliance partner data-sharing agreement; contact Renaissance if you are interested in Clever integration.

When your Renaissance site is integrated with Clever, Clever is the source of your students, teachers, and enrollments, and your teachers and students can log in to Renaissance through Clever.

If you have not yet integrated Renaissance with Clever, district administrators will see a Continue Setup button. After you have set up your data in Clever and set up sharing for Renaissance, select Continue Setup to begin integration.

Once you begin connecting Clever and then going live with the integration, you may see one of the following messages on the Manage Apps & Users page:

Message What It Means
Automated rostering and SSO You have not yet begun integrating Clever; you'll see an explanation of the benefits. Select Continue Setup to start setting up the integration.
Clever disconnection started You have chosen to disconnect Clever from Renaissance, and the disconnect is in progress. When it is done, Clever will no longer be the source of your teachers, students, and rosters in Renaissance. For important information about disconnecting, see Learn More: What Do I Need to Do After Disconnecting from Clever?.
Clever integration started You have started the integration process with Clever. Integration is in progress.
Disconnect not successful You attempted to disconnect Clever from Renaissance, but the disconnect was not successful. Select Retry, or contact Support for help.
Integration not successful Select View Details or Review Data to go to a page where you can get more information. The error page may help you see whether there are changes you can make in Clever to solve the problem before trying integration again. When you're ready to try again, select Retry on this page, or select Cancel to cancel the integration (you can go through the steps again after the Clever changes).
Getting users You have linked to Clever and matched your Clever schools to Renaissance schools. Now Renaissance is getting your Clever students and teachers and matching Clever users with existing Renaissance users as needed.
Not successful There was a problem while Renaissance was getting users from Clever. Select View Details in the explanation to go to a page that can provide more information. You may need to make changes in Clever or in Renaissance. Select Retry when you're ready to try again or Cancel Setup to stop getting users at this time.
Resume setup You haven't finished initial setup of the integration. Select Resume to continue.
Success Renaissance has finished getting your Clever users. Select Review and Integrate. After checking the number of students, how Clever students have been matched to Renaissance students, and how many students will be deactivated, you can choose to continue with the Clever integration.
Sync needs attention In the last sync between Clever and Renaissance, some unmatched data was found. Select View Details to go to the Clever Sync Log page, where you can see more about the cause of this message. When you have made changes to the data if necessary, you can re-sync with Clever.
You have successfully integrated your roster with Clever... Your Renaissance site is now integrated with Clever. Select Manage Integration to see the date and time of the last sync, roster statistics, and tasks you may need to perform in Renaissance.

New School Year Wizards

If you are not using CDI or another form of automated rostering, select one of the buttons in this section on the right side of the page to help you start the tasks commonly performed when setting up a new school year.

The New School Year Wizards panel, with the three buttons described below and the Getting Started Tips link above and to the right.

   Set Up School Year / Copy Options: Lets you add a new school year (if necessary) and copy information from one school year to the next.

   Upload Your Roster: Lets you import students and rostering data into Renaissance.

   Manually Set Up Classes & Courses: Lets you create classes, add them to courses, and perform other tasks such as assigning marking periods, products, and teachers.

New to Renaissance? Select   Getting Started Tips (above the wizards) for tips about setting up Renaissance for the first time.

Note: These buttons will not be accessible to customers using the Custom Data Integration (CDI) service to set up classes and enrollments. Please contact your district or site administrator with questions instead of using these wizards.