Using Schoolzilla Dashboards

Use Cases

Adding Survey Data Using Metric Upload

Using Schoolzilla to find and address summer slide (contains video)

Course Failures and Grades in Schoolzilla

Metric Zoom: Analyze discipline patterns by behavior location and time of day

Alignment between Schoolzilla and the Oregon State Report Card

Alignment between Schoolzilla and CA Dashboard

Alignment between Schoolzilla and CO Performance Frameworks

How Tos: District & School Dashboards

School Profile: How to review school trends (video)

Metric Zoom: Explore root causes and identify bright spots (contains video)

Daily Trends: How to Use the Calendar Chart (video)

Review performance over time by subgroups

Disaggregating by student demographics

Usage Profile Overview

How Tos: Student Dashboards

Our Students: See How Student Metrics Changed from Previous Period

Our Students: Finding similar students for interventions (filtering and sorting)

Our Students: Student intervention groups

Our Students: Creating a Student Intervention group (contains video)

Our Students: How to share a student intervention group (contains video)

Our Students: Views

Student Profile: Understanding individual student performance (video)

Student Profile: How to Review Course Failures and Grades (contains video)

Metric Calculations and Business Rules

90-90 Attendance Business Rules

Absence Rate Business Rules

Acadience Reading Assessment Proficiency Metric Business Rules

Accelerated Reader Quiz Proficiency Business Rules

Accelerated Reader Total Quizzes Passed Business Rules

Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Business Rules

CAASPP Distance from Met Business Rules

Chronic Absence Business Rules

Course Failures by Grading Period vs. by Term Business Rules

Credits Earned Toward Graduation

Cumulative GPA Business Rules

District Year-Over-Year (YOY) Retention Business Rules

ELPA21 Proficiency Metric Business Rules

Enrollment Business Rules

Expulsion Count Business Rules

Expulsion Rate Business Rules

GPA metrics

IL PARCC Business Rules

Illuminate District Benchmark Proficiency Business Rules

Interim Assessment Proficiency Rate Business Rules

IStation Business Rules

NWEA MAP Conditional Growth Percentile Business Rules

NWEA MAP Growth Target Met Business Rules

Office Discipline Referral Count Business Rules

Office discipline referral metrics

Office Discipline Referral Rate Business Rules

Scaled Score Metric for Mosaic

School Year-Over-Year (YOY) Retention Business Rules

Star Proficiency Rate (District Benchmark) Business Rules

Star Proficiency Rate (State Benchmark) Business Rules

Star Student Growth Percentile Business Rules

State Assessment Proficiency Rate Metrics Business Rules

Suspension Court Business Rules

Suspension Rate Business Rules

Term GPA Business Rules

Schoolzilla in the Summer

How do I set user permissions over the summer and how do data display?

Which students and data will I see over the summer?

Tech Tips

Accessing Schoolzilla from mobile devices