Using "Other Data" file upload in "My Data" for new, unsupported files

If you ever have a file that either a.) is for a new year for which the format is not yet supported by Schoolzilla (i.e. you do not see an upload option in the appropriate My Data file upload form), or b.) is for a connector that Schoolzilla has not yet implemented for you, you can always use the Other Data file upload option in "My Data".

Here are the use cases for using "Other Data":

  • If we are working with you on a support request that requires you to send us a file that has PII
  • To get us a file we need to develop a new connector or upgrade an existing one
  • If you’re having trouble submitting a file via the appropriate connector’s My Data page, and we want to see the file to troubleshoot

After uploading a file through the Other Data option, always remember to contact Schoolzilla Support with any additional context on your expectations for the file, so that we can evaluate next steps and follow up with you.

select Settings, My Data to see File Upload

file upload