Usage Profile Overview

The Usage Profile allows Schoolzilla administrators to investigate usage patterns among their district and school-based teams. Users with "School Leader" role can also access the usage profile for their assigned school(s). This article provides an overview of key questions you can answer using your Usage Profile.

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How Does Usage Vary by School?

It's helpful to review usage by school to know whether Schoolzilla is being widely adopted or whether it varies across your organization. Looking by school helps you pinpoint schools that may need additional training (low usage) and those whose best practices you could share (high usage).

  • The top right visual allows you to see usage by school. You can sort the current month in ascending or descending order to quickly see which schools have the highest and lowest usage.
  • example of usage by school

  • Hover over a dot to see counts for how many invited users there were and how many of those users viewed Schoolzilla for a particular month.
  • See invited user counts and usage

Who Are Your Top Users?

It's helpful to identify your top users to know who the Schoolzilla champions are at your organization. You might tap these users to help spread adoption, support others with training, identify strong data reflection routines, etc.

  • In the table at the bottom of the Usage Profile, you can sort a particular month descending by clicking on the arrows next to the month to see users with the most views in a month at the top.
  • If you are interested in identifying top users in a specific role only (e.g. school leaders), you can add that role to the Keyword Search box.
  • keyword search

Who Hasn't Logged In? Who Hasn't Logged In Recently?

It is also helpful to review who hasn't logged in or logged in recently to know who may need more support. These users might be unsure of the purpose of Schoolzilla, not know how to log in, or need additional training to work Schoolzilla into their routines.

  • In the table at the bottom of the Usage Profile, sort Ever Logged In in ascending order to find users with "false," meaning they have never logged in.
  • Ever Logged In sorting

  • If you want to check usage for a specific month or recently, instead sort a month ascending and look for users near the top of the results with few (or 0) logins

Usage Profile: Technical Details

What’s Included?

  • The district and school results are based on the number of users who have viewed a Schoolzilla application at least once during the month out of all "invited" users. An invited user is someone who has ever logged in to a Schoolzilla application.
  • Teachers are only included in this number if they have active enrollments.
  • The user table will show you any users - regardless of whether they have ever logged in or not.
  • Data is limited to the most recent four months, including the current month.


  • All Data Champions (admin roles) have access to all data on the dashboards.
  • School Leaders can view the district tile, their school's usage data and users in their school.
  • Teachers do not have access.