Upgrading from Schoolzilla Starter to Schoolzilla Professional - Login Options

To accommodate scenarios where one user may need the ability to access multiple Schoolzilla customer sites, we allow authorized users to toggle between customer sites without having to use separate logins or email addresses.

Additionally, users can switch sites from the logout/exit button, My Schools and My Data.

switching sites

switching accounts

Districts upgrading from Schoolzilla Starter to a premium version of Schoolzilla can expect the following functionality.

Schoolzilla Starter Button

  • Administrators and school leaders will continue to be able to log into Renaissance's educator portal and then access Schoolzilla via the Schoolzilla Starter button on the Renaissance educator portal.
  • The Schoolzilla Starter button will remain active until the district is ready to release the premium version of Schoolzilla Starter.
  • Permissions for the Schoolzilla Starter button are managed in the user permissions “Data Analytics” section for each permissions group. See this help article for more details.
  • Note that teachers cannot access Schoolzilla Starter so will not see the button, even if the box is checked for their permission group. Teachers can access Schoolzilla Professional if the box is checked.

user permissions

Schoolzilla Button

  • Administrators who are working on the Schoolzilla Professional setup are able to see two buttons - a "Schoolzilla Starter" button and a "Schoolzilla" button - on the Renaissance educator portal.
  • User access to this button is set on Renaissance's User Permissions page in the "Data Analytics" section for each permissions group. See this help article for more details.

user permissions

User Management Options After Upgrade

Districts have the choice to use Renaissance or Schoolzilla user management once the upgrade has been completed.

  • If the district would like to continue to use Renaissance user management, then users must be added via Renaissance's processes for adding users.
    • Once added, users can log in via Renaissance and access Schoolzilla by clicking the Schoolzilla button on the Renaissance home page.
    • A user can log in via RGP as long as the button is visible to them AND as long as their RGP user email account matches their Schoolzilla user email account.
    • Users are not loaded nor synced from RGP to Schoolzilla.
  • If the district would like to use Schoolzilla's user management, then users must be added via Schoolzilla's processes for adding users.
    • Users can log in at
    • Using Schoolzilla user management also means that users who see the button on the Renaissance educator portal may not exist in Schoolzilla.
      • If they try to click the button, they will see a message letting them know they are unable to access Schoolzilla and should contact their administrator if they think it is an error.
      • To prevent confusion, the "Schoolzilla" button may be turned off for relevant permission groups.
  • Please also note the following:
    • Teachers in your student information system with students rostered to them and with a valid email address are automatically loaded into Schoolzilla as users.
    • School leaders will need to be added to Schoolzilla directly. You can do this by adding users in My Users or by using the school leader template to bulk upload school leader user information for the first time.
    • There is no automated syncing of users between RGP and Schoolzilla.

Once clicking the Schoolzilla Starter or Schoolzilla button, the user will see all sites to which they have access, regardless of which button is visible or which button they click. If you have both a Starter site and a Professional site, users with access to both sites may see the option to choose a site.

choose a site

If you no longer wish to have the Starter option show for users, our team will need to completely deprecate the Starter site. In order to trigger this, please request that your Implementation Specialist end your Schoolzilla Starter subscription. This will notify our technical team to remove the Starter site, which we anticipate can be completed within two weeks.

If you have any additional questions about this functionality, please reach out to support via the following avenues:

  • Schoolzilla Starter: Contact support via one of the below methods:
    • Call (800) 338-4204
    • Email
    • Initiate a chat
  • Premium Schoolzilla Versions: Click Help > Contact Support from your Schoolzilla dashboards or email