Update Metric Definitions and Names

All metrics can be renamed or defined on the Metric Settings page.

Access Metric Settings using the gear icon in the top right corner of the any metric or by clicking on Metric Settings in the Settings menu.

Update the name and definition by typing in the relevant text box.

enter the metric name

Use the preview view on the right to review your changes before clicking save changes button.

example of a preview

Ideas for when to re-name or update metric definitions:

  • Align your Schoolzilla dashboards with your strategic plan by including the goal number in the name of the metric (e.g. "Goal 1: Chronic Absence").
  • Include notes in the metric definition of how this number may differ from how this metric has been calculated previously or appears in other systems.

Note: Changes will take 24 hours to appear on your Schoolzilla dashboards. Changes to the metric name will not change the student metric name (which appears on Our Students and the Student Profile). Contact support or your Implementation Specialist to update the student metric name.