Student Profile: How to Review Course Failures and Grades (Contains Video)

Grades and GPA are a powerful indicator of students' trajectory for graduation and college readiness. This article provides a quick overview of how to review student-level data for course failures and grades. For more information about how to use this data for supporting students and schools, please download our white paper on this topic.

Course Failures and Grades in Schoolzilla - Overview

Schoolzilla helps you to understand systemic patterns around course performance and identify individual students who may need extra support by answering questions such as:

  1. What percent of students have failed core courses?
  2. Which students have failed core courses in the most recent grading period or term?
  3. In which courses is a student excelling or struggling?
  4. student profile example

Schoolzilla lets you answer these questions by:

  • Calculating a course failure metric by grading period or term metric, which displays as a tile or column on each dashboard.
  • Displaying a table with grades by course available by clicking on a course failure metric tile on the student profile. 

For more detailed notes on the calculation, please this business rules article.