Setting up Okta via SSO/SAML

I. Set up your Okta app

  1. Create an Okta account, log in, and click the Admin button at the top right of the screen.
  2. select the Admin butotn

  3. Click the Applications tab.
  4. select the Applications tab

  5. Click the Add Application button.
  6. select Add Application

  7. Click the green Create New App button at the top left of the page. Select SAML 2.0 and click Create.
  8. create new app window

  9. Enter the name of the Application. Click Next.
  10. enter the app name and select Next

  11. Configure Your Okta App.
  12. You can find the information you need to enter on this page at, the Schoolzilla SAML Single-Sign On Setup page. You can copy paste from "Your SAML Endpoints" on the SAML Single Sign-On page into this Okta configuration page.

    Your SAML Endpoings

    This is an example: The number at the end of the URLs will be unique; it is associated with your Customer ID

    Note: You need to log into Schoolzilla as an admin to reach this page. If you do not yet have an account, you may create your own at Make sure you enter your organization's name in the District field, or else you will not be able to manage SSO settings.

    1. For each of the following Okta configuration fields, copy paste the following values from the Schoolzilla SAML Single Sign-On page:
      • Single Sign On URL: Your Single Sign On URL
      • Audience URI: Your Audience
      • Default RelayState: Your Endpoint


    2. Fill in the following values in the rest of the fields on this page:
      • Name ID format: EmailAddress
      • Attribute Statements: (Name, Value)
      • User.FirstName, ${user.firstName}
      • User.LastName, ${user.lastName}

      Note: Attribute statements are marked as optional in Okta, but we recommend sending first and last name so that we can fill in user names for Schoolzilla accounts. If you need to use a different name for your attributes, you can configure your attribute names in the Advanced Settings section of the Schoolzilla SAML Single Sign-On page (

      attributable statements

    3. Click Next, then Finish on the next page to save your settings.
  13. Click the Sign On tab of your newly created Okta app, and click the Identity Provider metadata link to download your metadata. Save this file. You will need it to configure your SSO settings at Schoolzilla.
  14. select Identity Provider 

II. Register your IdP information with Schoolzilla

  1. Return to the Schoolzilla IdP configuration page where you found your SAML endpoints (
  2. Upload the file you saved in step 6, or copy and paste the URL of your Identity Provider’s metadata, and press Save.
  3. Copy and paste the URL of the Identity Provider's metadata

Congratulations! You have connected Okta SSO to Schoolzilla. You can now assign users to your app in the People tab in Okta, and you can test out your configuration by going back to "My Applications" in Okta (the default view) and clicking on your new app. If you need more help, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!