Securely Provide Access to Your Student Information System - Tyler

Schoolzilla supports the standard set of "Data-Warehouse" exports provided by Tyler SIS. To enable, you will need to provide both a historical set of data files for up to 5 years and set up a scheduled export process in the SIS Data Extraction module.

Providing Historical Data Files

Use a tool like Cyberduck (for Macs) or FileZilla (For PCs) to connect to an FTPS site set up for you by Schoolzilla using credentials provided. If you have not been provided credentials to your FTPS site, please contact support.

Once connected, you should see up to 5 years of folders created.


The file name represents the last year of the school year (e.g. 2018 for the "2017-2018" school year).

Complete a one-time download of the Data-Warehouse files using the SIS Data Extraction module for each year and load into the appropriate folders.

Scheduling Exports in the SIS Data Extraction Module

Once you've uploaded historical data, use the SIS Data Extraction Module to schedule the Data-Warehouse exports to run nightly using the information below:

Data Warehouse schedule example

Alternate FTP Address: [your custID] (cust ID provided by Schoolzilla)

Username: provided by Schoolzilla

Password: provided by Schoolzilla

Security: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol

Additional Information

Supplementary Data is also required manually via My Data and should be submitted annually. Please see Tyler - Submitting your Supplementary Tyler Data Files for more information.