Schoolzilla Service Level Agreement

We know that timely, accurate data are important, and we are committed to delivering reliable services to you and your team through a variety of methods.

  • Schoolzilla Help Center
  • Our knowledge base, Schoolzilla Help Center, includes articles, how-to videos, and the opportunity to engage with Schoolzilla staff.

  • Support
  • You can contact Schoolzilla Support anytime by emailing

    Our Support business hours are 8am-6pm CT, Monday through Friday.

    All requests will receive a reply from one of our support agents within 1-2 business days. We strive to reply to requests marked as urgent within 3 business hours.

    While the resolution time differs for each request based on the complexity of the request and necessary correspondence between our team and yours, our team strives to resolve your issue as quickly as possible and maintain our median resolution time below five business days.

  • Infrastructure Uptime
  • We aim to provide you with the maximum possible infrastructure uptime and rapid recovery if downtime does occur.  Our team holds monthly maintenance windows in which we continue to optimize our platform.

    Please visit for our current status and use the Subscribe button to sign up to receive emails when the status page is updated and notifications about maintenance windows.

  • Data Processing
  • We have taken steps to ensure that if there is an issue with the nightly data processing that we are able to resolve it as quickly as possible.  First, alerts are automatically generated for the Schoolzilla team for any job step failures, which are then reviewed and addressed daily. Secondly, the nightly process is structured in such a way that if any individual step fails the process will continue to the next relevant step so that one step failure will not block other data from refreshing.

    Additional automated alerts are triggered if a file upload (ex: assessment data) fails to process and if the calculation tool underlying the Schoolzilla dashboards encounters an error. All of these alerts are then triaged and resolved by our technical team.

    Like you, we value the importance of reviewing our performance on key metrics reflecting our support services. As such, we review support resolution time, nightly job success rate, and infrastructure efficiency at least monthly.