Schoolzilla Dashboard Configurations

What can I configure on my Schoolzilla dashboards?

Schoolzilla's web dashboards support a number of configurations that fall into a few broad types:

  1. Dashboard Configurations: A framework is a collection of strategic pillars and metrics. You can apply different frameworks to each dashboard as needed.
  2. Metric Configurations: You can configure metric labels, definitions, visibility, and performance levels.
  3. Goal Configurations: You can configure district and school goals per metric.
  4. Student Demographic Groups: You can configure which student demographic groups appear on your dashboards.

Read more about each configuration type.

How do I update my configurations?

The following configurations can be updated by going to the Metric Settings page:

  • Metric names
  • Metric descriptions
  • Metric goals

For all other configuration updates, please contact our support team.

How long will it take for my configuration to update?

Please expect at least 1 week for our team to make this update to your dashboards or metric calculations. Updates you make yourself on the Metric Settings page will take effect within 24 hours.

I'd like to add my own metric or make changes to a metric that I uploaded. How do I do that?

Please view this page for more information.