Scaled Score Metric

Scaled Scores for Annual Assessments: Do educators in your school system prefer to use scaled scores when looking at student's performance, rather than proficiency levels? Thanks to feedback from many of you, we've added a new metric type to show scaled score at the student-level.

Metric Definitions:

  • District and School-level Metrics: Percent of students who were proficient or above on an annual assessment
  • Student Metric: Student's scaled score


  • Only available for annual assessments (not periodic ones)
  • Student-level scaled scores in Our Students will be colored either green (proficient) or red (not proficient); there are not color options available for each proficiency level

How to Add:

  • If you have the assessment template, you will now see this metric in Metric Settings.
  • If you do not have the assessment template, you can request a metric copy for your annual assessments via Support.