Review and Approve My Schools

"My Schools" can be accessed from the Settings menu. My Schools should represent the full list of schools on which you want to report. We initially populate My Schools based on information from your SIS, but this is a one time process. Subsequent updates need to be made to My Schools directly. To review your schools, ensure that:

  • No schools are missing
  • No schools are listed that should not be included in reporting (e.g. test schools, archive schools, summer schools)
  • The Official School Name is how you'd like the school to be displayed on the dashboards
  • To group schools into a School Level or School Region, go to Data Configuration Settings. For example, if you want to be able to filter on the Our Schools dashboard to see only elementary schools, you can configure that data.
  • All schools have a School Abbreviation specified if you want certain reports (with limited space for the entire school name) to be easier to read

If schools are missing, use the +New School button to add a new school. For more information about adding schools, including how to populate the System School ID, review the Managing Schools article.

If schools should be removed because you do not want them visible and you do not want their data included in any of the metrics, submit a request to remove schools. Please be sure to include the list of schools you want to remove.

If schools are missing recommended data (school level, school region, or school abbreviation), click the school name and edit the current school year record to include the missing data.

school data

Once you've added missing data, click to save changes. Changes will be reflected in reporting after the nightly refresh of data.