Our Students: How to Share a Student Intervention Group (Contains Video)

There are two ways that Schoolzilla admins and school leaders can share a Student Intervention Group. The ability to share is currently limited only to users with a Schoolzilla Administrator role or a School Leader role. However, teachers can create their own groups and add or remove students from any group they have created.

The first option is to share a group that you've created. Sharing the group will share the actual list of students who are members of the group, plus will recommend students who meet the group’s criteria, if set. However, sharing does NOT change the students a user has permission to view. If a user only has permission to view a subset of the full group of students (e.g., 10 out of 100 students), that user will continue to only see 10 students. Use this option if you want to save users the step of determining which students should be in the group.

The second option is to share a view that you've created. Sharing the view will only share a set of metric filters. Use this option if you want to suggest metric filters for others to identify students and then set up their own groups based on this set of filters. Views are not "groups" of students, meaning the list of students a user sees dynamically changes to show which students meet the filters at the time.

Note that you can share a group or view when creating the group or view.

Sharing a Group

This 2-minute tutorial walks through the steps for sharing a group by role and school. It also shows you what users will see once you've shared a group with them.

Note: this video notes that only Schoolzilla admins can share groups. As of January 8, 2020, users with a school leader role can also share groups with any Schoolzilla admin and other school leaders/teachers who have access to their schools.

Quick Steps

  1. Select a group you have created. (Watch how to create a group.)
  2. Click Change Group Settings or click the gear icon next to My Lists.
  3. Confirm you are on the group you'd like to share and scroll down.
  4. Toggle the roles that you'd like to share with. If you’re sharing with school leader or teacher roles, select one or more schools to share with.
  5. Click save.
  6. Finally, consider sending an email to give your users the heads up that this group has been shared and why, as well as some tips for how to set-up their own group based on the one you've shared with them. You can direct them to this video or send this one-pager about how to get started with Student Intervention Groups.

NOTE: Sharing a group does not in any way change which students a user has access to view. For example, if you are sharing a group of 100 students with a user who only has access to view 10 of those students, that user will continue to only be able to view those 10 students.

When a group is shared:

  1. A user CAN see the group in My Lists under Groups Shared with Me.
  2. When the group is selected via My Lists, the user CAN see the students in that group with the status icon to indicate if students do or do not meet the criteria. They CAN also see students who are recommended for that group based on any criteria that have been set.
  3. The user CAN see the Group Detail in List Settings, but CANNOT share or edit the group criteria.
  4. The user CANNOT add or remove students from the group.
  5. The user CANNOT create their own group with the same criteria and add or remove students from that group.
  6. The user CANNOT see students that they do not have permission to view based on their role assigned in My Users.