Our Students: Creating a Student Intervention Group (Contains Video)

This article provides an overview of how to create a Student Intervention Group in Schoolzilla.

About Student Intervention Groups

A Student Intervention Group is a list of students in Schoolzilla. With Student Intervention Groups, you can:

  • Identify students in need of intervention
  • Monitor progress of each student
  • Synchronize your teams

Read in-depth FAQs about Student Intervention Groups.

View this 3-minute tutorial about how to create a group.

Quick Steps for Creating a Student Intervention Group

  1. Select one or more students.
  2. Click Group.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter a Group Name.
  5. Enter a Group Description. Provide a purpose for the group, information on what criteria are used and why, and suggested strategies or resources to reference.
  6. Set criteria for the group. Make sure to click Add Criteria.
  7. Save the group.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page to change the number of students shown on the page.
  9. Use the "Group Status" quick filters to add and remove students. To do this, select the purple triangle next to the "Group Status" column.
    1. Remove students from the group who do not meet the criteria: Filter for "Does not meet criteria". Select the students, click Group, then Remove and confirm Remove from Group.
    2. Add students who are recommended based on the criteria you set. Filter for "Meets criteria". Select the students, click Group, then Add and confirm Add to Group.
    3. Repeat steps a and b, as needed, for each page of students using the pagination triangles at the bottom of Our Students. You can also use the School and Demographic filters to narrow which students you'd like to add to the group.