NWEA MAP Growth Target Met Business Rules

Definition: Percent of students that met their fall-to-winter/fall-to-spring/fall-to-fall growth projection in the given subject area

Default Cut Point: n/a (uses NWEA MAP's typical growth expectations)

Periodicity (time period): Periodic - calculates for a specific test period

Default Performance Levels:

Label Criteria
light green Met Projected Growth Met Growth Target = 1
red Did Not Meet Projected Growth Met Growth Target = 0

Possible Configurations:

  • Admin User: none
  • Schoolzilla support: none

District and School Metric Calculation:

NWEA MAP Growth Target Met  = Number of students who met NWEA growth target
Number of students tested in the most recent test period with a score in the previous fall test period 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. Students who completed the NWEA MAP assessment and had a score in the most recent test period and a score the previous fall test period, including students who have exited.
  2. A school’s NWEA MAP growth target met metrics only include students’ NWEA MAP data from when they attended that school.
  3. If a student is dual/concurrently enrolled, his/her scores would contribute to the school where the scores were earned.
  4. The student records that are used to calculate the district metric include all assessments completed while the student was enrolled in the district. See the logic below.
    • The metric on District Profile/Our Schools uses a student's assessment records from any school in the district.
    • The metric on School Profile uses a student's assessments completed in that school (including students who are no longer enrolled, but were enrolled when they completed the assessment).
    • The metric on Our Students/Student Profile shows any assessments completed while the student was enrolled in the district, even if the student was enrolled in another school at the time.

Student Level Metric: Conditional growth percentile score

Source: NWEA MAP

Update frequency: Periodic (as files are uploaded)


  • At the district and school level, Growth Target Met metrics show the percent of students who met or did not meet the typical growth expectations based on their starting score, subject and grade level (using NWEA MAP's typical growth expectations). At the student level, Schoolzilla displays a student’s conditional growth percentile score.
  • NWEA MAP scores only support preset growth period windows. Fall test period will reflect Fall-Fall growth; Winter test period will reflect Fall-Winter growth; and Spring test period will reflect Fall-Spring growth.