Metric Zoom: Explore Root Causes and Identify Bright Spots (Contains Video)

With Metric Zoom, you can dig in and understand the drivers of your district's or school's high level results. Once you've identified a bright spot or a problem area of practice on a key metric in Schoolzilla, you can drill down directly in each Schoolzilla tile to explore root cause. Specifically, you can:

  • Trace changes in performance over five years, including strand data for many assessments
  • Support root cause analysis and continuous improvement on your most important metrics with hundreds of data comparison and filtering options
  • Identify key academic goal areas, grade level or demographic groups that need attention from educators
  • Drill down by custom groups unique to your school system
  • View and export a data table
  • Present your school system’s stories of success and growth opportunities in meetings with a larger, responsive screen size.

How to Access Metric Zoom

To open Metric Zoom, click this icon Metric Zoom icon on a tile from the district or school profile.

For more uses of Metric Zoom, watch the videos below. (Videos show fake data for demo purposes)

#1 Dig into Trends for Overall Proficiency and Strand Proficiency on Assessments

#2 Compare and Analyze Performance Level Distribution over Time and within Groups

Use Cases

Attendance: Download a pdf of this use case for sharing with your school leaders.

Academic Performance: Download a pdf of this use case for sharing with your school leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

There used to be a button to go to Data Wall and the Deep Dive reports on the tile. Where did it go?

Data Wall was retired on June 30th, 2022 and is therefore no longer a feature of Schoolzilla.

Who can access Metric Zoom?

Schoolzilla Role Can Access? Where
Administrator Yes District and school profile tiles
School leader with access to all schools Yes District and school profile
School leader with access to a subset of all school or one school Yes School profile
Teacher No n/a
Restricted User No n/a

Individuals who have been set up as a “teacher” role in Schoolzilla cannot access Metric Zoom. We will continue to research and design options for teachers to have more summary level data about students in their classes. Please let us know if this would be important to you at!

Metric Zoom does not show up on all of my metric tiles. Why?

There may be three reasons for this:

First, in Schoolzilla, do you have access to view data for all schools in the district, a subset or one? If you only have access to a subset of schools or one school, then you will only see Metric Zoom on the school profile(s).

Second, Metric Zoom is not currently supported for data loaded via the metric upload feature. Metric upload data is sent directly into Schoolzilla bypassing the data warehouse computation engine. However, because of the hundreds of possible filters and combinations of data, Metric Zoom must pull and calculate metrics directly from the data warehouse.

Third, Metric Zoom is only available on the district and school profiles. It does not show on the Student Profile, Our Students or Our Schools for any metrics.

Is Metric Zoom available on the student profile?

No, it is not available on the student profile at this time.

I do not see the option to select strand level data for an assessment or metric. Why?

Many assessment files and data sources do not include strand scores.

In addition, strand breakdowns are currently only available for “proficiency rate” type of metrics – that is, the percent of test takers who scored at or above proficient. For some assessments, although strand data is available in the source data, proficiency level designations are not available for strand scores.* This prevents us from displaying trends that calculate proficiency rates for strands.

We recognize that deeper content level analysis is important, however! We are researching options for bringing in more student data, particularly at the student level.

*A common reason for this is that there are few questions per strand decreasing the validity of proficiency level norms.

I'd like to report a data quality issue.

Submit a ticket to, and we will help you resolve the issue.

Historical data from more than two years ago
Our implementation process helped you get started with the past two years of data. If there are substantial data quality issues on older data, we will do an abbreviated data quality process with you.

Matching past accountability reporting
Schoolzilla is primarily designed to help monitor progress toward strategic goals and accountability plans. We do not match all formal state and other accountability reporting business rules for most metrics – such as excluding students enrolled for fewer than X days – at this time.

Relatedly, our standard demographics groups primarily offer a current cohort analysis (e.g., how have my current EL students performed over time), plus the ability to disaggregate data by a student’s grade level at the time of the event. Please let us know if you’d like to see additional custom groups in Schoolzilla.

I have an idea for data I’d like to see in Metric Zoom!

Please share with us! Your input is instrumental as we research, design and prioritize new features. Let us know what you think at

Other Resources

Metric Zoom Webinar (Feb. 19, 2019): Recording | Metric Zoom Webinar.pdf (2.7 MB)