Metric Zoom: Analyze Discipline Patterns by Behavior Location and Time of Day

Do most behavior events happen after lunch, after school, or other times? Where do they most commonly take place? In classrooms, in the cafeteria, elsewhere? Metric Zoom can help you answer questions about where and when behavior events have occurred to support your efforts to adjust system and school practices and foster positive school cultures.

Metric Zoom Office Displine analysis

Supported Metrics

These analyses are available for any behavior metric within the Schoolzilla dashboards, such as Suspension Count and Office Discipline Referral Rate. They are not available if your Schoolzilla Administrator has loaded behavior metrics via the Metric Upload functionality or the assessment template.

Business Rules


Any filters that have been applied to the overall metric will also apply to the breakdowns. For example, suspension counts reflect only responses that are categorized as Suspensions. Selecting Behavior Location from the Suspension Count metric will then show only the behavior locations that are associated with a Suspension response.

Categorization (For Schoolzilla Administrators Only)

Behavior Location: Configure the categories that show up in Metric Zoom using Data Configuration Settings. We've seeded initial values and categories to make it easier to get started. Here's a quick review of how to configure your data:

  • Each "Category" shows up on the dashboards or into the data warehouse (dw_dimBehaviorEvents.Standardized_BehaviorLocation).
  • You can create new categories, delete categories, edit the category name, move values into a group and change the default category.
  • Read more about how to use Data Configuration Settings.

Time of Day: Three types of time categorization are available. These categories are not configurable.

  • Hourly intervals from 6AM up to 6PM: The hours are based on the times entered in your student information system or behavior source system.
  • Outside of School Hours: Outside of School Hours are from 6PM up to 6AM. This is not configurable.
  • Unknown Time: Behavior events that do not have time of day data populated are categorized as "Unknown Time". As a result, the overall result may show more events/students in the numerator than are shown when the results are broken down by time of day.