Managing Schoolzilla Administrators in My Users

Note: Currently, only the Schoolzilla administrators for an organization may add and update user accounts through our website. If you aren't sure who the administrators are for your organization, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Administrators have considerable access. This should only be given to people that are already authorized to have this access as part of their job.

You may have one or more people assist with the administration of Schoolzilla, data and users on the platform. Schoolzilla Administrators are individuals that can:

  • Access all data and reports in Schoolzilla
  • Provide data to Schoolzilla by uploading files, providing credentials, etc.
  • Add, update, and remove dashboard configurations
  • Invite users

To invite additional administrators, navigate to "My Users" from the Settings menu and then click to "Add New People".

Click "Schoolzilla Administrators" and complete the form to invite one or more Schoolzilla administrators. Be sure to include a valid email organization email address for the administrator and click to "Invite" them.

Keeping "Send email notification" checked will ensure invited administrators receive an email notification they can log in.