Managing School Leaders in My Users

Note: Currently, only the Schoolzilla administrators for an organization may add and update user accounts through our website. If you aren't sure who the administrators are for your organization, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

To add a new user account for your organization:

  1. Log into Schoolzilla’s website and go to the Settings -> My Users. This will direct you to
  2. Click the Add New People button and choose School Leaders from the Menu on the left. School leaders are users who should have access to all student data for one or more schools.
  3. select School Leaders

  4. Enter the user's first name, last name, and email address. Select the school(s) that the user should be able to access (ctrl-click to select multiple schools) and press Submit. Remember, adding a school will give that user access to all data for students enrolled at that site.
  5. If the "Send email notification" option is selected, the user will receive an email letting them know that they've been invited to join Schoolzilla, with a link to set their password. You also have the option to add users now but invite them later using the "invite" option on My Users. Although an account is created immediately, school permissions currently require a nightly refresh to set. For this reason, we do recommend creating users in advance (at least one day before) of inviting them to the platform.

If you receive the following error, the user account you're trying to create already exists in our system. You can view and/or update their account information by following the directions below.

error stating the user already exists

When will a newly added school leader be able to view Schoolzilla applications?

  • Although an account is created immediately and will allow school leaders to log into the dashboards, school permissions currently require a nightly refresh to set. The school permissions must be set in order for the user to view school- and student-level dashboards.
  • For all other applications and tools that use Schoolzilla's data warehouse -- such as your own custom reports -- allow 24-hours or a nightly refresh for your school leaders to be able to see data for their schools.

To update a user account for your organization:

  1. On the "My Users" page, scroll down to the table of accounts and search for a user by typing their first name, last name, or email address into the search box. When their account appears in the table of accounts, click on the e-mail address (highlighted in blue) and choose edit.
  2. Media/search for and select the user and choose Edit

  3. On the account editing page, click Edit Account button to change your School Leader’s first name, last name, or role.
  4. Click the edit icon to change the list of schools that your user has permissions to view data for.
  5. select the edit icon

    If the list of available schools is missing one or more of your organization's schools, you can add them through "My Schools" under "Settings" in the top menu.

  6. Click the Manage drop-down menu to send a Schoolzilla e-mail invitation to the user, log in as that user or delete the users account.
  7. select Manage

To add a new school leader accounts in bulk for your organization:

Note: This is designed for initial account creation only. If used after initial account creation, it will remove accounts and permissions for school leaders not included in subsequent files. It also cannot be used to elevate existing Teacher users to the School Leader role.

  1. Complete the SchoolLeader_RosterTemplate.
    • Instructions on which fields are required are provided in the file.
    • There should be one row for each user - school affiliation combination. Ex: if I should have access to three schools, I will have three rows in the file.
    • The tab name with the affiliations must be called "Data".
  2. Once you've completed the template, save as a .xls file and upload it the Other Data > File Upload form.