Loading Your Own Metrics and Results

Metric Upload Feature

Schoolzilla includes a Metric Upload feature that allows you to upload district or school results, including results by demographic group, for any metric you'd like using templates available on My Data. We recommend using this feature for metrics that are measured on an annual or occasional basis.

Instructions: See below for an overview, and download the guide here for step-by-step instructions, including term glossary.


  • Once you have a custom metric, uploading new data is additive, so any files you load will add data to the tiles, and any files you delete will remove data from the tiles.
  • We recommend either deleting all previous data and uploading files that contain all previous and current data OR uploading files that only contain new data.
  • Uploading duplicate data for the same entity/time period/aggregate type/aggregate value combination will cause the metric data not to refresh.

Metric Upload