KIPP Foundation Exit Codes Template

Schoolzilla is collecting student demographic and enrollment data on behalf of the KIPP Foundation. In order to support cross-region reporting on important attrition trends, the KIPP Foundation needs to map the exit codes used in your Student Information System to a standard set of KIPP Exit Codes. Please:

  • Downloaded template below
  • Review and remove sample row of data
  • Add the list of exit codes and corresponding descriptions used in your region
  • Use the KIPP Foundation codes description below to populate the “KIPP Foundation Code” column with the appropriate code.
  • Upload completed template to your My Data page using the “KIPP Foundation Exit Codes” form

Questions? Please contact support.

KIPP Foundation Exit Codes.csv (61 Bytes)

1 Dropped out of School

Student withdrew him or herself from school and did not re-enroll at a private, charter, or public school district. This code should only be used for high school students. In comments field, please specify what student has chosen to do (e.g. joined work force or military) instead of continuing studies.

2 Family Relocated home out of charter boundary or reasonable proximity to KIPP school (within the United States)

Family moved to a different address outside of district or charter boundary or reasonable proximity of KIPP school. Student is either no longer reasonably able or eligible to attend KIPP school.

3 Transportation Issue

KIPP transportation plan does not align to family situation or KIPP does not provide suitable transportation to meet family needs. Examples: Bus stop too far/not safe, child safety on bus, family declines to use KIPP transportation, or child transportation privileges revoked.

4 School expelled student

Student did not voluntarily leave. Student committed an expellable offense and a disciplinary hearing determined the disciplinary action to be expulsion.

5 Student left for social, emotional, behavioral reason

Specify reason in comments: Examples: school culture; school behavior management system; extracurricular/athletic offerings.

6 Student left for academic reasons

Specify reason in comments: Examples: student is feeling too challenged by KIPP curriculum; student is not challenged enough by KIPP curriculum; school day too long, student was admitted to selective boarding school.

7 Family withdrew student to avoid grade retention

Student’s academic performance did not meet KIPP standard to be promoted to the next grade level and the family withdrew student in an attempt to avoid grade retention by enrolling at another school.

8 Due to special education needs

Examples: By agreement of IEP team, student was placed in a setting that offered a different level of services on the continuum of services, or family dissatisfied with special education services offered at KIPP school

9 Other

Only to be used if no other exit reasons apply. Examples: illness, injury, death.

10 Do not know

KIPP staff has done due diligence but is unable to determine child’s reason for withdrawal. Student has not shown signs of any other exit reason listed here, but simply never returned to withdraw, and the school is unable to contact family/student.

11 Transferred to another KIPP school

Student transferred to another KIPP school within or outside of his/her current KIPP region.

12 High School Graduation

13 Completed highest grade in school (EC, ES, MS)– intent to enroll in KIPP school

14 Completed highest grade in school (EC, ES, MS)– intent to enroll in non-KIPP school

15 Deceased

16 Moved out of the United States

17 First KIPP enrollment - never attended