Initial Setup and Configuration

Initial Setup

New Schoolzilla Administrator Onboarding Checklist

Schoolzilla Administrator Onboarding - Implementation Review (video)

Update Metric Definitions and Names

Configure Your Metrics in Schoolzilla

Data Configuration Settings

Data Readiness Tests

Upload Assessment Data

Review and Approve My Schools

Managing Schools in Schoolzilla

Enabling smooth transitions with source system changes

My Data: Managing Data Connectors

Loading your own metrics and results

How to Upload Student Photos

Configuring test periods

Using "Other Data" file upload in "My Data" for new, unsupported files

Custom Metrics: Choosing between Metric Uploader and Assessment Template

Dashboard Configurations

Schoolzilla Dashboard Configurations

Configure Other Reports Link: Add your own custom links to your Schoolzilla dashboards

Data Configurations

Data configuration settings

Custom demographic groups

Metric Configurations

Configure performance levels

Schoolzilla Metric Settings (contains video)

Setting District and School Goals

How No Shows are Handled on the Schoolzilla Dashboards and in the Data Warehouse

How to configure Year-Over-Year (YOY) retention metrics

Metric Copies

My Users: Managing Users (Roles & Permissions)

Upgrading from Schoolzilla Starter to Schoolzilla Professional - Login Options

Managing Schoolzilla administrators in My Users

Managing School Leaders in My Users

Managing restricted users

Creating & Uploading a Roster file

Reviewing What Users See / Log In As

How to Resume Administrator Role

Multi-Site User Access

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) overview

Setting up Okta via SSO/SAML

Setting up Active Directory Federation Services via SSO/SAML

Setting Up OneLogin via SSO/SAML

FAQ: Single sign-on with Google

FAQ: Single Sign-On with Active Directory Federation Services

FAQ: Single Sign-On with OneLogin

FAQ: Single Sign-On with Okta