Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) assesses the New Illinois Learning Standards Incorporating the Common Core and is be administered in English language arts and mathematics to all students in grades 3-8. Prior to administering IAR, IL used the PARCC assessment in ELA and mathematics administered in grades 3-8 (and at one time, high school). More information is available here.

The Schoolzilla connector supports PARCC data for 2015 - 2018 and IAR data from 2019 onwards. Since the assessments only differ in terms of length and use the same performance ratings, the Schoolzilla connector supports both assessments.

How We Connect

The data files should be accessed via the state reporting site and uploaded on My Data.

Mappings Overview

The information below summarizes where key data elements are loaded from across student score data files that are submitted. The column names referenced may not match the column name in the file exactly as this changes over time.

Key Field(s) Mapping(s)

System Student ID

Scores are linked to students using the StudentIdentifier column in the file.

We match to students in the student information system using the following (in order of preference):

  1. The StudentIdentifier matches the Student ID in your SIS.
  2. The StateStudentIdentifier matches the State Student ID in your SIS.
  3. The LastOrSurname, FirstName, and BirthDate columns exactly match the Last Name, First Name, and Date Of Birth in your SIS.

*See your student information system page for information on this mapping.

System School ID

Scores are linked to schools using the TestingSchoolName column in the file. These are matched to a school in My Schools.

Please contact support to resolve incorrect or failed matches.

School Year

Scores are linked to school years using the TestDate column in the file.

Proficiency Score

Scores are sourced from the PerformanceLevel column.

Business Rules for Related Metrics

Frequently Asked Questions

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