How No Shows are Handled on the Schoolzilla Dashboards and in the Data Warehouse

A no show is a student who is enrolled prior to the start of the school year but who never shows up to attend classes when school starts.  In some cases, school districts want to exclude no show students from metric calculations (e.g. attendance).

Schoolzilla Dashboards

  • In Data Configuration Settings > Metric Configurations > Official Enrollment Rules, you can decide to include "No Show" enrollment records in the denominator of particular metrics. If you select "Yes, include them in my metrics," any "No Show" enrollment records will be included in the denominator in any Attendance, Enrollment, Retention or Suspension Rate metric.
  • By default, we will exclude these records (IncludeNoShow = 0).

No Shows Settings

Data Warehouse

  • We load enrollment records where entry date <= exit date.
  • PowerSchool is a slight exception. For PowerSchool, we allow specific types of records - no show enrollments - where the entry date is one day after the exit date. This is because PowerSchool requires that the exit date is set the first day that a student isn't enrolled, as opposed to the last day he/she was enrolled. However, in Schoolzilla, the exit represents the last day the student was enrolled.

There are three main ways that we identify No Shows and populate the "NoShow" column in the data warehouse.

  1. If your student information system already tracks this information specifically, and we are able to pull in the column that contains this mapping, we use this existing setting.
  2. We look for specific exit code values that we think (based on state/vendor documentation or descriptions in lookup tables) are used to flag No Shows.
  3. We search an exit description or exit comment field for text that indicates a No Show enrollment (for example, "No Show" or "No-Show").

Download the below pdf of the default logic to populate the "NoShow" field by source system. Note: a custom implementation may be in place which uses different logic.

No Shows Logic by Source System (46.4 KB)