Expulsion Count Business Rules

Definition: Total number of expulsions.

Periodicity (time period): Ongoing - calculates as year-to-date (cumulative)

Default Cut Point: n/a

Default Performance Levels: n/a (instead, you will see a calendar view of the last two calendar months with a count for each day)

Possible Configurations:

  • Admin User: which behavior response should be considered an Expulsion in the Data Configurations Settings. See here for further guidance on how you can edit this configuration.
  • Schoolzilla support: n/a

District and School Metric Calculation: 

Expulsion count = Number of expulsions 1,2,3,4


  1. Students who had an enrollment record in the current academic year, including exited students.
  2. A school's expulsion metrics only include students' expulsion data from when they attended that school.
  3. If a student is dual/concurrently enrolled, his/her expulsion would contribute to the school where the expulsion took place.
  4. The student records that are used to calculate the district expulsion rate and count include any expulsion the student has received in the district, not just what was received in the current or selected school. See below logic.
    • The metric on District Profile/Our Schools uses a student's expulsion in the district.
    • The metric on School Profile uses a student's expulsion received in that school (including students who are no longer enrolled, but were enrolled anytime that year)

Student Level Metric: n/a (to see the total number of expulsions at the student level, leverage the Expulsion Rate metric)

Source: Student Information System (or behavior system, e.g., SWIS, Kickboard)

Update Frequency: Nightly


  • This metric may not match your state reporting calculation due to the fact Schoolzilla incorporates all students ever enrolled in the school year in this metric. A student is considered as ever enrolled even if he/she was enrolled for only one day.
  • If two different systems that you have connected to Schoolzilla overlap in capturing expulsions (ex. a expulsion is tracked in your student information system and the same expulsion is tracked in Kickboard), Schoolzilla cannot differentiate between those events and will instead show them as duplicates. Schoolzilla Support can add a parameter to use only one system as a source of truth if preferred.