Enabling Smooth Transitions with Source System Changes

When your source systems upgrade to new versions, move hosting locations (ex: Illuminate and PowerSchool cloud migrations), or otherwise undergo changes in their environment or tables, it's important that Schoolzilla knows in advance. That way we can make any necessary updates proactively to ensure a seamless transition, and prevent connection failures or other complications.

What to do when there’s a source system change or update

  1. Find out as much detail from your source system vendor as possible about the change, including:
    • Any IP address changes (e.g. of database server)
    • Confirm the VPN account is linked to the IP address of the database server, if applicable
    • Confirm VPN password and share with us securely via the relevant My Data form
    • Any changes to tables that are sent to Schoolzilla (e.g. new file format, new columns, or different column names)
    • If possible, provide the vendor's technical support contact information in case we need to follow up
  2. Submit a support ticket with the details you've collected (see above).

  3. We'll investigate any potential updates needed on our side and follow up with you through the support ticket to confirm.

Helpful support resources for source systems

While we are always looking for ways to receive proactive alerts directly from source systems, it's extremely helpful to hear from you directly with as much information as you can provide. Thanks for your help!