Disaggregating by Student Demographics

You can easily disaggregate your data by key student demographics to understand if you are serving all students equitably, celebrate successes, and prioritize supports strategically.

Student demographics will consider enrollment status differently across three types of demographic data:

  • Identity-related characteristics (Primary Ethnicity, Gender and In Military Family)
    • This reflects a student who has that characteristic in the student information system. As a result, you are able to answer questions like: how did multi-racial students do this year vs last year?
    • If a student changes how they self-identify over time and the SIS record has been updated to reflect this change, that student will now be included in the updated group in the current and previous time periods.
    • For example, if an administrator updates the student’s identity in the SIS from African-American to multi-racial this year, that student will be included in the data point for multi-racial students last year and this year.
  • Students' current grade level and program demographics
    • (SPED Status, Is SPED, etc.) will only reflect the students who are currently enrolled. When looking back over time, you will be able to conduct a current-cohort-analysis answering questions like how did my current 7th graders do this year vs last year (as 6th graders) or how did my current SPED students do this year vs last year?
  • Grade Level at the Time
    • Grade Level at the Time reflects the student's status at that time. Your SIS accurately tracks this characteristic over time and therefore we are able to track changes from one school year to the next. Disaggregating by grade level at the time allows you to answer questions like:
      • How did 3rd grade students do this year vs. 3rd grade students last year on the state assessment(s)?
      • Has 9th grade attendance improved this year versus the previous two years?
      • How have changes in 8th grade curriculum impacted grades over time?

Custom demographic groups: You have the ability to request set up custom demographics (instructions for Schoolzilla administrators here). If the custom demographic group is based on the same underlying fields as one of the program demographics, then it will also include currently enrolled students only when selected. Otherwise, and unless specified in the custom demographic setup process, custom demographics will default to showing all students regardless of enrollment status.


When selecting student data on metric tiles where the currently enrolled filter applies an information icon appears to the right side of the student information field selection drop-down. Hovering over this icon displays the message: "This selection is showing only currently enrolled students."

the information icon

Metric Zoom

When using Metric Zoom to look at historical data for different demographic groups, it is especially important to understand which students are being included. When using metric zoom and selecting a single "Filter By" or "Compare By" field where the currently enrolled status applies, users will see the following message:

message for a compare by view

Additionally, when selecting any combination of fields for "Compare By" or "Filter By" where the currently enrolled status applies, users will see results for only currently enrolled students and the following display message:

message telling you the view shows currently enrolled students

  Display Label Which Students?
1 Current Grade Level Only currently enrolled students
2 Foster Care Status Only currently enrolled students
3 FRL Status Only currently enrolled students
4 Gender All students
5 Grade Level At The Time All students
6 Homeless Status Only currently enrolled students
7 Is SPED Only currently enrolled students
8 Language Fluency (EL Status) Only currently enrolled students
9 Migrant Status Only currently enrolled students
10 Military Family Status All students
11 Primary Disability (SPED Status) Only currently enrolled students
12 Primary Ethnicity All students
13 School Level All students
14 School Region All students