Data Readiness Tests

District Progress Monitoring enables disaggregation of all metrics by student demographics sourced from your Student Information System. Where demographic data is stored in a student information system can vary between states and within a state.

To ensure demographic data is actionable on your dashboards, your student information system administrator should review where demographic data is currently sourced. You can review the default mappings in the Data Configuration Settings. For fields that do not have default mappings, we will discuss with you to determine the correct table and field information from your SIS.

To pass all demographic data readiness tests:

  1. Update incorrect configurations for each demographic by submitting a request that includes the table name and field name where this information is stored in your SIS e.g. (Table: dbo.STUDENT_EXT, Field: ELL_Status)
  2. Populate missing demographic values in student information system where absent.

Data Diagnostic Report

Schoolzilla will provide you with a data diagnostic report to alert you to any concerns about data quality and related next steps. This report includes information on the following areas of data readiness:

  • Student Enrollment Data 
  • Student Attendance Data
  • Student Behavior Data
  • Student Grades Data